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Friday, 13 July 2018

Made Me Happy This Week


Paul's dad is currently upstairs, making a lot of noise. He's taking off our old bedroom window frame, and replacing it with clean plastered edges. When it's all finished, and we've stripped off the wallpaper, we will finally be able to decorate the bedroom...I can't wait! But what's more exciting, is that we will get to order our new bed, and mattress. I can't stand our current one! We bought it for moving into this house, and ordered it online because we needed one in a hurry. I hate it. I really do, so I can't wait to go out and find something so insanely comfortable, that I'll never want to get out of bed.

1. I finally got another custard tart from Costa! I also found out that the reason I was struggling to find them, is because they only really serve them in the morning. So, that's good to know.

2. Our little goat friend from the berry farm. He had the softest little velvet nose.

3. Cheese, crackers and chutney for dinner.

4. A spontaneous day out in Edinburgh, with two of my very favourite people. We went for breakfast, ate ice-cream, and picked up our wedding rings.

5. A day of Domino's pizza and Luke Cage on Netflix.

6. The grey and cooler days we've been having this past week, it's fuelling my excitement for autumn.

7. Polaroid pictures of fun little moments.

8. Late night walks.

Friday, 6 July 2018

Made Me Happy This Week


Well, the heat continues this week. Are you still enjoying it? I really am, I'm enjoying all the time we're able to spend outside, and how late we can sit in the garden at night, without feeling cold. Although, I'd be lying to you, if I said I wasn't getting excited for autumn a little bit now. A few bit's like jumpers and boots are starting to sneak in to the shops and I'm all for it! It's also hard not to get excited for autumn, when our wedding is at the end of October. That seems so close now! Scarily close, in fact. We haven't even been berry picking this year yet, things need to slow down. In other news, I have been trying to get one of those custard tarts from Costa, since the Saturday before my birthday...and I've had no luck! I might make it my mission this weekend to track one down. What are your plans?

1. Having a drawer full of homemade ice lollies. It's lovely being able to make any kind we like, and have them there when we want them.

2. My 'SUMMER' bag from Kurt Geiger. I love it! It's the perfect size, it's bright red, and goes with my mostly black wardrobe.

3. St Tropez Purity Mousse. It's given my paler than pale legs, a nice summer glow.

4. We bought plant's for the garden, with the money Paul's gran gave me for my birthday, and they are doing so well! The colours are so bright, and they're attracting loads of bee's.

5. Spending late summer evenings down by the sea (and trying to keep our chips away from seagulls).

6. Building mini me and Paul in the Lego store. I think they look just like us! Paul obviously doesn't have a pirate leg in real life, and I'm not sure I've ever seen him hold an axe that size. The beanie hats on point though!

7. Looking at paint colours for the bedroom.

8. Picking our first bunch of peas from the garden! There will be a few more ready tomorrow, so that will be the veggies for dinner sorted.

Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Iced Coffee Pops


One of my favourite hot weather treats, has to be a nice chilled iced coffee. When it starts to warm up, It's all I want in Costa. I'm not one for hot drinks to cool down...give me cold over hot in summer any day! Costa vanilla iced lattes are my absolute favourite, and if I'm drinking anything other than water, it'll be one of those. Apart from maybe some proper lemonade, I quite like that too. 

The problem with an iced latte though, is that I drink them SO quickly, they're gone in minutes. So, this summer I've been making iced coffee pops! They last much longer, and it's a great treat to help cool down. 

I'm a huge fan of Costa coffee, it's my favourite! So I've been making mine with homemade Costa espresso and adding some hazelnut syrup for a change from my usual vanilla. And...because they're homemade, you can add any flavours you like, and as much of as little syrup as you like. You could even try adding coffee beans for a bit of texture. 

They are very simple to make, you will need:

Lollipop mould, any you like.
I use this one, but this one is similar.

You're favourite espresso
Full fat milk
Flavoured Syrup

I can't give you exact measurements because it will depend on what mould you're using. My mould makes ten 90ml lollipops, so I made my coffee up to give me 900ml. 

I use 250ml of espresso, 400ml of full fat milk, 5 teaspoons of syrup, and made the rest up with water. Fill the lolly moulds, and then leave them to freeze overnight. They are a nice change from ice-cream or fruity lollies, and perfect to have in the afternoon, instead of your usual cup of tea or coffee. 



Friday, 29 June 2018

Made Me Happy This Week - Birthday Edition!


I've had the best week! It was my birthday on Monday, and as usual Paul made sure I was utterly spoiled! He made me breakfast in bed, I opened presents, and walked downstairs to be met with a room full of balloons. As a surprise, he'd booked the Harry Potter escape room in Edinburgh with three of our friends. We had an hour to escape, and defeat the Dark Lord...I had to stab him at the end! It was so funny, we laughed so much, and we made it out with actual seconds to spare - 41 to be exact! He had then arranged for people to come back to ours for a BBQ for dinner, to make the most of the sunshine. Oh! And I can tell you now, seeing as it didn't go horribly wrong. The cake I made for myself, was a  Golden Snitch, with HUGE wings, because I had to make them accurate in size. I had fears that it was going to end horribly, but it turned out ok in the end. Paul also made me a cake, he made one that looked just like the one Hagrid gave Harry, which I absolutely loved, although very few people got the reference and just though Paul had made a kind of rubbish looking cake. Clearly not Harry Potter Fans!

The next morning we went to the cinema to see Jurassic World, and because it was 11am on a Tuesdays, we pretty much had the place to ourselves. It was so good, I'm such a fan of those films, and this one did not disappoint. We then had a chilled afternoon, lazed around in the garden and ate leftover BBQ food. Also, more cake. We've eaten so much cake over the last week! On Wednesday we went out to buy plants to brighten up the garden, and make the flower beds feel not so empty. I'm not sure of the names, but we went with purple ones because apparently they're good for Bees. The last two days have been back to normal, but we have fun plans over the weekend, so I'm looking forward to that.

1. That my Snitch cake somehow didn't collapse before it was served.

2. That Paul tried three times to light the candles on my cake, and bring them to me outside. The wind got them before I did, except on the 3rd try when everyone had their hands around flames.

3. My rose gold balloons that are still up in the bedroom.

4. How I'm somehow still not sick of cake. You'd have thought after this week, I'd have sickened myself...but no.

5. The custard tarts that are in Costa at the moment. If you see them, try them! They're so good! They are the famous ones from Lisbon, although I'm sure the ones there are probably better.

6. My little ear cuffs from Paul. I'm too scared to have my ears pierced where I have them sit, so these where the perfect little gifts.

7. Sending our wedding rings off to be engraved, I can't wait to see how they look when they're back.

8. Odette the ostrich, that now lives on our sofa.

Sunday, 24 June 2018



So, the other day my grandma came to visit and she brought with her a stack of magazines she thought I'd like. She has this habit of collecting them from the hairdressers. She always asks if she can take them, and they don't mind as they're usually a month or so old anyway.

This particular stack she's obviously been collecting for a while now, seeing as one of them is from late 2016. She obviously know's me very well, as they are foodie magazines, and after having a quick flick through, I'm now wondering why I've never bought any of this one before.

The name of the magazine is "Delicious", and it has some of the tastiest food I've ever seen. As well as what seems to be pages of tips and tricks for the kitchen.

The last weeks been quite busy, and this weekend is mostly errands and birthday prep, so I've not had a chance to read through them. So, what I'm doing, is saving them for one of those lazy Sundays. One of those days when you don't have anything to do, and you can just sit and relax in the house with a cup of tea and a good magazine. I plan on doing just that and making note of all the recipes I want to try. Plus, some of them are from autumn winter time, so I can even start to plan for the colder weather.

Happy Sunday!

Friday, 22 June 2018

Made Me Happy This Week

It's my birthday weekend! Ok, not quite, as my birthday isn't actually until Monday, but it's still exciting. And I think we may have plans on Sunday afternoon, that I'm not supposed to know about. I'll be making my birthday cake this weekend, Paul's also making me one, which I can't wait to see. I know I don't need two cakes, but if you can't go mad on your birthday, then when can you. Plus, they will both be different flavours, which of course fully justifies the nonsense. I'm hoping beyond hope, and crossing everything I can, that the cake I'm attempting to make will work out...I have the fear that it's going to go horribly wrong right at the very end, but we shall see. Really though, if it does, it wont be that bad. I'm sure we'll all still be able to eat it.

1. Finding peonies in Asda when stopping in for fabric softener. I'd started to worry that the season had finished, although I'm pretty sure it's coming to an end of it hasn't already.

2. A day out in Edinburgh with my grandma. We had the loveliest day, we had lunch, did a little shopping, and I took her to the Harry Potter museum because she love's it as much as I do.

3. Lindt dark mint flavoured chocolate. Oh.My.God. It's good stuff!

4. Grabbing a pair of the "Love Me, Love Me Not", Topshop jeans in the sale, for £15!

5. Dinner with Paul's mum and dad for Fathers Day. We cooked it as a surprise for them coming home, and it turned out that a roast dinner was the perfect thing to make with it raining so heavily.

6. Hanging washing out to dry in the sun. I know I've said this a few times in these posts, but it really does make me very happy.

7. Morning walks.

8. The fact that we've had the longest day of the year, so now we're heading back to autumn. I know it's still summer, and wonderful and hot outside, but I can't help but look forward to that.

Friday, 15 June 2018

Made Me Happy This Week


Well, storm Hector has been and gone, thankfully without too much disruption. Paul's mum and dads garden took a little bit of a battering, a few decorations were broken, and nearly every plant pot had blown over...but no real damage. Our garden was fine, although, I was watching our poor little sugar snap peas blow all over the place. I thought at one point they were going to blow away! I did enjoy the stormy weather. As much as I'm enjoying the summer, and the heat, it is lovely to have a day like that every so often. It makes me excited for the second half of the year. And of course, this year it's even more exciting than normal!!

1. Deciding what I'm going to do for my birthday cake this year. I wont say what just yet, as I'll be making it next weekend, and could change my mind before then. Fingers crossed it goes well!

2. Sookies had a hair cut, and she's unbelievably soft again!

3. KitKat samples with my Asos order. Clothes and chocolate...yes please!

4. Grabbing the leopard print duster jacket I've been looking at for weeks now, in the sale and less than half price. I do love a bargain, and apparently, some animal print.

5. Sending off wedding related emails, and feeling a little more organised with each one that goes.

6. Getting very excited about my birthday now. I'm not sure what's happening yet, all I know is that Paul has a plan. He's a sneaking one, when it comes to birthdays.

7. Making pansy cookies. they were so pretty and very tasty, you can find them here if you'd like to see.

8. Feeling very proud that I've so far, managed to avoid the Anthropologie sale. It's a dangerous place, I tell you!
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