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Thursday, 13 September 2012

Autumn/Winter Nails!

It is really starting to feel like we are into Autumn now! Its cold and the shops are full of all the amazing Autumn colours and well...I am loving it!

So I thought I would share my favourite nail colours for this season. Obviously you can wear any colour you like when ever you like...its really up to you but I kind of like matching them sometimes :)

While throughout Spring and Summer I love to have light pastel colours or really happy brights, I like to start mixing in some deeper moody colours about this time of year. 

First of all...RED! Red is a great colour for this season and will look just as good all the way through winter too. It is a classic nail colour just as it is for the lips! It comes in so many different shades so I'm sure you will be able to find one you like. If you have never been a big fan of red nail polish or you have just never been sure about trying it but want to, go for a dark red for 2012... its not as "in your face" as the postbox red colours but is stunning and works with so many looks. I like Victoria from Nails Inc...the red is so dark. It is described as a deep cherry colour.

From reds to berries. I really love the berry shades...I tend to go for them over reds most of the time. You can find some gorgeous deep shades in shops just now. One I am enjoying that I got about two weeks ago is Barry M Raspberry (in picture below). Just like the name says it is a deep crushed raspberry colour and looks great on. Another berry I would like to try is an Essie polish called Skirting the Issue, it is described as a burgundy colour.

Purple just say Autumn to me! I really have no idea why but it always has so I picked a new one up when I bought Raspberry. Its Rimmel Black Cherries (in picture below). It is a very dark purple. I really like it and I can see me still loving it through into Winter. The look of it in the bottle made me think it was going to be a little metallic but its not, it does have a nice shine to it though.

On to greens. Not bright neon greens from the summer but very dark or mossy greens. There are a lot to choose from at the moment so we are kind of spoilt for choice. One I am really looking forward to trying out is another Essie polish called Stylenomics (in picture below) Love the name lol! The colour is amazing! Such a rich dark green. I have never had a dark green polish so I am looking forward to that.

Grey is becoming a big nail trend this year. Its a nice change from black if you want something different...I still love black polish though. I will always be a favourite of mine. NARS have gorgeous grey in their new Fall 2012 collection that looks like a lovely creamy colour. I think the name is Storm Bird (see picture below) Ive also heard good things about Barry M's Grey nail paint, I'm not sure if the name is just Grey.

My last favourite Autumn look this year is nudes or neutrals. I know this has been around all year now but I still love the look. My all time favourite colour for this is Porchester Square from Nails Inc. It is the perfect colour for me and I think it it very flattering on all skin tones. Because of this colour i was tempted to buy a colour from Barry M (again) called Cappucino. When Porchester Square dries on my nails sometimes i think it can have a sort of lilac look to it so I got Cappucino because it looks like a darker version of that. It is quite a lot darker on the nails but I've decided I'm going to wear it as my Autumn neutral, even though it is maybe more of a greyish purple colour lol.

I hope you enjoyed this or that it was maybe helpful for you in some way.

I'm sorry that some of the pictures aren't great, the lighting isn't that good in the house so i did my best lol.

Good night everyone
Shelley xxx


  1. I love purple nails in the a/w ... especially love the Barry M Raspberry such a gorgeous colour!

    1. It really is, it becoming a favourite. I like wearing it with the Rimmel Black Cherries, that a much darker colour than it shows in the picture and they look really good together. xx

  2. i love those colors!

    1. Me too, the next one I want to get the Essie Stylnomics :)

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