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Friday, 28 September 2012

Mini Haul!

I went shopping yesterday with my lovely fiance as we both had the day totally free. We didn't go out with the plan to buy well anything really. We actually only went into town to get a hot chocolate from Starbucks but we ended up getting a few things. I wanted to share what I got with you guys as a kind of mini haul post. I really enjoy reading these posts and watching videos of them on YouTube so I'm excited to do my first :)

Its not a lot and its only from two stores but here we go...

First we went to Superdrug! I had run out of my Nivea night cream the night before so thought I should get another while we were out. I tend to get dry skin, especially coming into Autumn/Winter. Most of the time my skin is more normal but this is my saviour for when it does get dry. It is the Nivea Rich Regenerating Night Cream for Dry and Sensitive skin, I also have the day wear one too. I LOVE these moisturisers, they completely clear any dry skin I have and it lasts. Other moisturisers I have tried for dry skin look ok in the morning but by midday I have dry patches on my cheeks. Like I said my skin is more normal combination most of the time so I don't have to use these every day but I find that mixing them into my routine every other day and night in place of my normal moisturiser works wonderfully. The price is also amazing! They are around £4 depending on where you buy them but just now in Superdrug they are all half price so it was only £1.99!! Such a bargain for such an amazing moisturiser. If you have very dry skin or your just get the odd dry patch occasionally I would recommend this product, it has worked so well for me.

The other thing was the new Limited Edition Vaseline !!!

It is the first Limited Edition Vaseline I have every tried. I know they did a creme brulee one before but I'm not sure if they have done others?! Anyway I really wanted to try it. The normal tins of Vaseline are only around £1.79 I'm sure, but this one was £3.49! I actually don't agree with the price but I really wanted to try it so for a one off I suppose its ok. I wasn't sure how much I was going to like it because I'm not a huge lover of alcohol in food or desserts...I know its not the same but its still going on my lips. I am pleased to say that I do really like it. It does exactly what the other Vaselines do but it has a lovely scent to it and its a fun thing to have so I'm pleased with that :)

I got four other things, all from one place...Primark!

We went in for a look around because Primark is a more enjoyable store to shop in during the week. It can be...well manic for lack of a better word at the weekend. I ended up buying four pairs of ballet flats! I live in ballet flats, even in Autumn/Winter if its dry day so they are always a good buy. I find that flat shoes, even more expensive pairs wear much faster than other styles so if I am going to spend more money on shoes I would rather it be heels of boots.

The first two are these cute little quilted effect pairs. They are exactly the same apart from colour and I just really like them and think I will get a lot of wear from them. They were only £6 each and they are so soft and comfortable inside.

My other two pairs are these really lovely little moccasins. I thought they were just really sweet and they have this padded section at the from of the shoes so they are cushioned and feel so nice to walk in. These were only £8 each and again I think I will get a lot of wear from them. They are from the wide fit section of the shoes but I have compared them to the other pairs I bought and they seem to be exactly the same width.

Anyway that is all I bought yesterday...apart from my hot chocolate but I didn't get a picture of that lol.
I hoped you enjoyed my haul post, have you been shopping lately?

Happy Friday everyone, hope you all have a lovely weekend :)

Shelley xx

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