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Sunday, 16 September 2012

Weekend Baking :)

I like to bake! Its a fun way to spend an afternoon...or in this case a morning. We had no plans for Saturday this weekend and I hadn't done any baking in quite a while so I thought YES! That is what I'm going to do! I actually thought this the night before and after leaving my mums on Friday night we went for a little drive to Asda to get supplies. Asda is a very different place at 12.30am lol.

I was planning to just make cupcakes but ended up making scones and cookies too. I wasn't sure how the cupcakes were going to turn out. I got the idea from a cookery show to put crushed fruit through the sponge mix and I had frozen raspberries so I used them. I was worried the mixture would split but it all turned out fine, and they taste really yummy :)

                                                   This is the mixture, its such a fun colour 
                                    This is how they looked after baking, I think they look lovely :)
I finished them with white chocolate butter cream, I thought white chocolate and raspberries would work really well together. I left the seeds in but if you would prefer to have them without you could past the crushed berries through a sieve. 

                                Here are my finished little cakes, I put white chocolate chunks on top

                                                          Inside the sponge....yum!

I don't have pictures of the scones or cookies to show you, I forgot to take them lol. Other than baking this weekend has been quite a lazy one...

Have you done anything interesting this weekend? Let me know, I would love to hear about it :)

Shelley xx


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