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Monday, 15 October 2012

Five Things

This week has been lovely. Nothing huge or life changing has has just been one of those very easy going weeks. As it's been getting darker earlier we have spent pretty much each night this week in PJs on the couch eating that lazy? I don't mind if it is, I've enjoyed it :)

I was looking though my phone just now at some of the pictures I have taken over the week and I wanted to share some. I was thinking about maybe doing a post like this each Sunday, what do you think? I wasn't sure how many pictures to include originally but I decided on 5, It seemed like a good number.

I know its still early and yes Halloween hasn't passed yet but I just cant help being excited! I was out with my best friend on Friday to catch up properly after her holiday and we found this in John Lewis. We got so excited (we might have let out a couple of girly screams) and spent maybe longer than we needed to in that department :)

She bought matching Ugg boots for her and her daughter while she was away. I just thought it was so adorable so I had to snap a quick picture.

These had to be a highlight of this week! That might sound a little sad but we don't have these in Britain and I asked my friend to bring them back for me as a surprise for Paul. He is peanut butter obsessed...I'm not such a lover of it if I am being honest but these are VERY good!

I prefer Costa Lattes to Starbucks Lattes. Don't get me wrong I enjoy Starbucks but for that specific drink I like Costa. I popped in for a quick drink to warm me up on Thursday and I seen this wonderful new thing. I am very tempted...

As much as I enjoy Costa Lattes I would live on Starbucks Signature Hot Chocolate! When I looked back on this picture earlier it dawned on me just how many of these I have had since the weather has started to get cold...accompanied by the mini salted caramel pecan square. Maybe far more than I should have! 

Hope you have all had a lovely week, thank you for reading :)

Shelley xx

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