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Monday, 8 October 2012

Knitwear Love!

I am the first to admit it! I am a little obsessed with all things knitted. They are so cosy and warm and are great layering pieces that look good with so much. Denim, leather, name it, you will find something knitted to wear with it. I have been seeing so many great knitted things on the high street recently and I wanted to share my favourites with you.

                                     (I found this in Topshop, I loved it so I had to take a picture)

There are so many different ways to go with knitwear this season, one I really personally love is all the embellishment! Studs and spikes are all over the jumpers and cardigans in Topshop. They give a more edgy look to an outfit and its a really easy way to move into that trend with being too full on.

These studded shoulder cardigans are amazing and would look stunning with a pair of leather look leggings. They are £48 and I can't decide if I am happy about that price for a cardigan but that is Topshop for you. They are a thicker knit and a little heavier, they are also nice and long so great for with leggings. From studs to chains, and a jumper that I have fallen for...

I found this in store a few weeks ago and I keep looking at it online. I really love it! Its big and baggy and a little bit fuzzy...everything I want in a jumper :)
Its a very simple style so very easy to wear but the chain gives such a great detail. The only thing that has stopped me buying it so far is the price...its £55! But I think it is a jumper I will get loads of wear from. Its such an easy casual piece...Topshop always wins, damn them!

They have lots of other choice but my last favourite from Topshop are the Knitted Necklaces Jumpers. They come in a few different colours and I think they are just lovely. They would also be great for work on the colder days because they have a more sophisticated smart look. I think the black and burgundy colours are my favourite...maybe??

A store I LOVE for cheap knitwear is Primark, they are wonderful! They have all the styles you can find in more expensive high street stores at much more affordable prices. And sometimes if its a real fashion item for that season it doesn't make sense to spend triple the amount in another store on something you might not wear for the next few years or every again. They also do cashmere now! I found this out about a year ago (maybe not that long?) and I got really excited! Some of the things are really gorgeous and they feel soooo soft. I looked like a crazy person the first day I found them...I stood there stroking and rubbing all the jumpers for much longer than I should have. I haven't actually bought anything from the cashmere line in Primark so far, they have had some really lovely pieces but nothing I have thought "I must have" until now!

I love stripes, and this is just so beautiful in person...the pictures doesn't really do much for it. It is £45. I know, normally if you seen a jumper marked at £45 in Primark you would walk away laughing but this would  cost a lot more money somewhere else. It is also something that you could wear year after year so if you haven't had a chance to see the cashmere range at Primark you should definitely go and have a look.

Another great one I found not from the cashmere range was this one. Shoulder/elbow patches are around everywhere right now and I personally love them. My fiance HATES them...I have have been trying to get him to try on a gorgeous hoodie in River Island for a while now but it has patches so he won't go near it :( This is lovely and its only £14. Its like a big baggy fisherman style jumper with the patches on the elbow but instead of suede or faux suede they are like a cord material. It would be great with jeans or jeggings on even with some faux leather. I want to wear it with a huge knitted scarf and boots when it gets a little colder.

Jumpers with fun designs are all over the high street, you will find one in almost all store but I really like the ones Primark have and they are less than half the price of what you would pay in River Island or Miss Selfridge. The ones on the left are all around the £14 mark which I think is pretty good and there is loads of choice. The star, the owl and the exclamation mark  are my favourite 3 of these. They are just so much fun and so easy to wear.

I could go on forever about the knitwear in Primark because they have so much but I will stop myself after this last one. With it getting into the festive season its always fun to add sparkle to your outfits and there are a couple that I really liked when I spotted them.

These lovely jumpers are only £12 and they are striped :)
The stripes and metallic with sequins threaded on and I love both colours. They aren't too over the top or too sparkly to wear on a casual day but they would look just as good dressed up to go out for dinner or drinks.

As would these...
They are super cute, I love the collar on them. They would also make a great choice for work too. As far as I could see they only came in these 2 colours. You can't see too well from this picture but threaded all through these jumper is a kind of tinsel. It gives them such a Christmasy feel and I have my eye on the red one.

There are a few more shops that I have found some really great knitwear pieces that I love such as Miss Selfridge and Zara but I have only seen most of them online so I didn't want to include them in this post. Some things look really good online and them they are a bit of a let down when you see them in store, but even with these two stores I have found some great things.
What are your favourite knitwear pieces on the high street just now? 

I hope you enjoyed this long rambling post, thank you reading :)

Shelley xx


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