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Monday, 22 October 2012

My Week In Pictures...

Hello everyone :)

Last Sunday I did a Five Things post and I wasn't sure if I was going to make it a weekly thing but I have decided that I am. I have been thinking about it over this past week and I would like to change it to a "My Week In Pictures" post. I just feel like it gives me more freedom to add what I like to it instead of having to choose 5 pictures, especially if it has been a week when I have been a little crazy with the camera!

Paul and I have both been off this week so we have made the most of it with lunches, dinners and days out. I'm a little sad its over but it has been so much fun. I wanted to share some of our random snaps with you tonight :)

I was starting to think we were the only two people left in this country that had not been to this restaurant but this week we finally did it...WAGAMAMA!

Katsu Curry / Chicken Ramen / Gyoza Dumpling
All of which is very yummy...we shall be back!

Do you ever see something really rather odd and wonder how they got there and why?

Best cakes ever! That is my half eaten Raspberry was so hard to choose just one cake :(

National Museum Of Scotland
I love it here, if you live near Edinburgh or are visiting you should go for a visit.
I have been many times before but it was Paul's first time so it was a lot of fun :)
We didn't make it all the way round so we will be going back. 
My new onesie / late night cheese toastie with ketchup and mustard / odd face on my hand ?

I have resisted them for a while now but earlier this week I gave in and I am now the owner of a onesie. It is so comfortable I want to live in it. However I feel I would get some rather odd looks if I left the house wearing it. 

I hope you have all had as lovely a week as I have, have you been up to anything interesting?
I would love to hear about it :)

Shelley xx



  1. I love Patisserie Valerie so much! I used to live in the UK and I miss that shop :) Very nice photos, I'm following you now!

    x Ellie @ Ellalogy 
    deborah lippmann/fresh giveaway

    1. Thank You :)
      We just found it last week and have already been twice! Everything looks so good. Did you have a favourite cake?

      Elle xx

  2. looks like such a fun week! New follower from the blog hop :) Can't wait to catch up on your posts!

    1. Thank you so much for following :)

      Elle xx

  3. great photos- looks this an amazing weekend and such fun!

    1. Thank You
      It really was a fun week :)

      Elle xx


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