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Sunday, 28 October 2012

My Week In Pictures...

crazy teddy hot water bottle / dog leg warmers /
 half empty salted caramel hot chocolate / dog Christmas clothes

funny notebook / dog going mad because she couldn't reach the mail / 
before the blender broke it made the digestive smile :)

still loving my Liz Earle cleanser / Costa skinny latte

Paul with bum enhancing pants (hehe) / Jean Paul Gaultier diet Coke

Burger King chilli cheese bites / Jack on the back of our car / amazing pumpkins 

This week started with us picking up dog food only to find dog Christmas clothes. As funny as they are I really see no need for dog Christmas leg warmers!

I know it was probably a waste of money but I finally found one of these diet Coke bottles, I have wanted one for a while, it is just such a little novelty. I don't even like fizzy drinks! The week ended quite rightly with us finding these pumpkins in Sainsburys. It is Halloween after all! It I love the one with the tiny pumpkin in its mouth :)

Have you been doing anything Halloween inspired this weekend? Did you carve a pumkin?

Shelley xx

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