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Thursday, 1 November 2012

Some Favourites from October

Well October has officially gone and we can now welcome November and all that it brings with it. First thing that comes to mind is Bonfires night! I love fireworks, there is something so exciting and wonderful about them. I still find them fascinating to watch!

Because it is the start of a new month I wanted to do another monthly favourites...this time for October. Lets start with...

Skin Care

Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish - I really love this product! I have no bad things to say about it at all and after a couple of weeks of using it I have just fallen deeper in love with it. It annoys me a little that I have taken so long to try it out but at least I have it now. It feels lovely taking your make-up off with this after a long day or a day of being out in the cold weather a lot.

Nivea Milk and Honey Lip Balm - I will admit it now that I am a bit of a lip balm junkie! Not that it is a bad thing as there are much worse things I could be addicted too. I would say its the beauty/skincare product that I buy the most. I hate my lips feeling dry or cracked especially if I want to wear a lipstick...its not a good look. Nivea Milk and Honey is one of the best I have had. As much as I love my Burts Bees lip balm I think this one is a lot more hydrating. It feels like a thicker more nourishing formula and it isn't shiny or glossy so it works well under lipsticks.

Nivea Rich Regenerating Night Cream - I have said before that my skin can get a little dry sometimes and if you have the same problem I would urge you to try this range from Nivea. On days where it has been really cold and my skin feels like it needs a little extra something this is what I use. I replace my usual night cream with this whenever I need it and it seems to work very well. As it is starting to get really rather chilly now this is something I have been using more and more and my skin seems to thank me for it.

Balance Me Wonder Eye Cream - I have had a little sample of this for a while now, it came in a glossy box. Because I already had an eye cream open and out on the dresser this was forgotten about. I decided to look it out last week after reading a few different reviews on it, I really like it so far! I don't think I have used it long enough to give an opinion on whether or not it does what it claims to do but I am enjoying it.


Clinique Even Better Foundation - As we are having less and less sun my skin is getting lighter and lighter and I wasn't that tanned to begin with, not even in summer. I have gone back to one of my all time favourite foundations Clinique Even Better in Linen. I used to have it in Alabaster but Linen suits my skin much better. It is a gorgeous foundation and isn't heavy on your skin. It gives good coverage but instead of being a heavy full coverage foundation it just gives you a more even complexion - as the name suggests.

Rimmel Stay Matt Powder - This stuff is really good especially for the price, it was only £3.99! I have the powder in transparent and I have been using it pretty much every day. I get a little oily around my nose and this is great for dealing with that. It is also helps minimise the look of pores but what I like is that it doesn't look powdery on your face.

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable - Other the past month I have really been enjoying the colour Cherish. It is a light bright pink shade. I have been wearing it over lip balm so it doesn't give as strong a colour, it looks really lovely with a few different looks but isn't too full on.


Grey Boots - They may be getting a bit worn looking now as I have had them for nearly 2 years I think, but they are still just as comfortable as they have always been. I have a thing for grey clothes and accessories, I really quite like the colour even though some of you might find it a little dull. For casual days and cold days these boots are great. They are really comfortable to walk around in and keep your feet nice and warm. For VERY cold nights though they do need more than one pair of socks! I learnt that last year.

Grey Faux Fur Snood - As I just said I like grey, I got this a couple of weeks ago and it is incredibly soft. It's short so you just need to pull it on and that's that. It keeps your neck nice and warm and it a nice change if you normally just wear knitted scarf's, it also looks really good layered up.

Mittens - This is the first pair of mittens that I have ever far as I can remember that is. They are so cosy and warm and I think they look adorable on. The only downside is that they are not as practical as gloves. You have to take them off to do most things but they are gorgeous so I will forgive them that

Everything Else

Hot Chocolate - I have been a little hot chocolate crazy over the last month, I might have had a few more than I should have but they have been good.

Patisserie Valerie - This lovely place has been one of our first choices for treats over the past few weeks since finding it. The desserts are wonderful and it is a lovely place to sit and have a nice warm drink.

My Onesie - It is my favourite thing to wear around the house. It is so warm and comfortable and just the perfect thing for cold night, I see this being a favourite all throughout Winter. If only I could wear it outside...?

What have been your favourites this past month?

Shelley xx


  1. I LOVE the sock part of your onesie! Great reviews, I want to try the Nivea lip balm!

    x Ellie @ Ellalogy 

    1. The socks aren't part of the onesie, they are from Topshop. I think you can still get them. If not those ones they have other animal faces :)
      The lip balm is excellent!

      Elle xx

  2. My Fav has got to be choclate*...hey :) i'm your newest folower! found you from the blog hop :). would love it if you could follow back! *Happi blogging*
    P.s your blog is cute

    1. Thank you
      The chocolate is amazing...yummy!
      I will go have a look at your blog right now :)

      Elle xx


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