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Thursday, 15 November 2012

Guest Post - Clarins After Shave Energizer

Tonight will be a guest post written by my fiance Paul, enjoy everyone :)
Elle xx

Hi my name is Paul, i have been using a product for a few weeks now and Shelley asked if i would like to do a post on her blog to give it a review in the run up to Christmas as it would make a perfect gift.

The product I've been using is Clarins Aftershave Energizer, shaving is a real pain for me as i suffer from breakouts, dry skin and red patches. Before i used another product but unfortunately it is no longer available and i have been searching for a replacement ever since. I had previously used Clarins face scrubs and during a promotion at Boot's Shelley suggested i have a look around and see if i could find a new one that she could treat me to. After talking to the Clarins assistant who was very helpful i settled on the below product;

On the box it says;
"For an immediate feeling of freshness after shaving, 
this invigorating splash immediately calms feelings of
hot skin, purifies and gradually reduces skin's
irritation from shaving" 

First of all the smell of the product is very nice and clean smelling but not overpowering, its subtle and is very long lasting. When putting it on you do not rub it, you just pat it on around the areas you have shaved. There is no stinging what so ever and you feel it soothing straight away. You do not need much either i have been using this 2-3 times a week for 3 weeks and as you can see i have hardly used any so it should last a long time. Another great feature is there it does not feel greasy which a great bonus as other products i have used can feel really greasy and slimy after being applied but this seems to soak in straight away you can see it reducing redness within a few minutes of application.

Shelley purchased this for me from Boots where it cost £23 which i believe is the same everywhere that it is stocked. This is the most expensive face product i have purchased but is well worth the money in terms of quality and how long it will last.

I hope you have enjoyed my guest post review.

Thanks for reading



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