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Monday, 12 November 2012

My Week In Pictures...

yummy cookies / Paperchase wrapping paper 

lots of duck / lovely sky
swans / beautiful :)

poster in a wine shop / the best chocolates!
Camembert filo wraps with salad / peanut butter hot chocolate 

invisible cows?? / chocolate macaroons 
tea and Internet 

Sunday carboot sale / salted caramel latte
Sunday night in by the fire :)

This week has been lovely! It has been a week of experiments with two new recipes that we tried and tested. The first came from Jamie Oliver and that was Camembert Filo Parcels, they were yummy! The cheese was mixed with crushed walnuts and chives and then rolled up in filo pastry and baked until lovely and brown. We enjoyed it with a rocket, apple and pomegranate salad and a cranberry dipping sauce. If you like Camembert I suggest you try this out :) Our second experiment of the week was Peanut Butter Hot Chocolate! This did not go as well. I forget where the recipe came from but basically you add peanut butter to your hot chocolate mix when the milk or water is hot so it can melt. The idea sounded wonderful but sadly it did not turn out that way. The peanut butter when melted gave a very odd consistency to the drink. It wasn't pleasant, so we ate the whipped cream and peanut butter cups from the top! When driving home on Tuesday we took a wrong turn down a one way road that lead us to a beautiful lake with lots of ducks and two gorgeous swans right beside the road. They didn't seem to mind us driving so close to them, even when we stopped to take a quick picture. Today was a very early start as we went to a carboot sale, 6am on a Sunday seems earlier than 6am on any other day somehow!? We had a great time and made some money which I suppose is the real reason for going. The week has ended with a cosy night in by the fire and a cup of tea, I love Winter nights :)

I hope you have all had a lovely week!
Good Night 

Shelley xx


  1. amazing pictures, thanks for sharing!

    New follower from the hop, follow back?

    1. Thank you for following, I will go check out your blog right now :)

      Elle xx

  2. The pictures of the swans are really beautiful! And salted caramel latte sounds delicious :)

    1. Thank you :)
      I was really surprised they just stood there and let me take the picture.

      Elle xx


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