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Thursday, 8 November 2012

Wedge Trainers

This trend has been around for quite a while now, least in the UK. I'm not too sure if it has become quite so big everywhere else in the world??

Even though we have been seeing them for some time I still can't decide how I fell about them. My love and hate of wedge trainers seems to change almost daily! On days when I like them and consider buying a pair I am going against my long running dislike of trainers...except when working out of course. I have never been a trainers kind of girl, I am a lover of ballet flats! Ballet flats, boots and heels are the things that you will find on my feet so wanting a pair of trainers feels odd to say the least. Although I will say that I like these particular shoes a great deal more than the stiletto trainers that were around a few years ago...I had a real dislike for them!

My issue with this footwear trend came up again last week when I was styling a friend of mine for a trip she was taking to Holland. She knew that she wanted a pair but wasn't sure on how to wear them or even what colour to go for. We had a good look around and we decided on a pale brownish grey coloured pair from Office. They were lovely and would go with most things - in terms of colour not style. I put a few outfits together for her and the overall look was gorgeous.

Since then I have been looking at them a lot more, I feel as if I am coming around to the idea of trainers as my day to day footwear. My better judgement tells me that they are a trend that will pass and not be around forever so not to bother with them. I don't think they are a classic wardrobe essential that I will always turn too or will last me years but fashion is about fun so the odd, sometimes silly purchase is aloud.

This navy pair is from Dorothy Perkins and costs £45, a lot cheaper than some of the designer options! I think this is the style I prefer from the ones I have seen. I'm not too sure what colour I would go for to get the most wear from, black possibly?

I'm still unsure if I will ever be 100% sold on them, which to buy them I will have to be! I do think however on the right people or styled in the right way the do look amazing. One of my favourite ways I have seen them worn is with leggings and a over sized or baggy top. It just looks so casual and comfortable. Finished off with a huge scarf or snood and leather jacket I just think it looks lovely. But then a leather jacket does go with everything!

What do you think about this trend?
Do you have a pair? If so how do you wear yours?

Shelley xx

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