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Thursday, 13 December 2012

Liebster Award!

I was recently nominated for the Liebster Award by the lovely Beauty and Babbling. She has a great blog that you should go check out. It was so nice of her to nominate me for this, thank you so much. So here we go...

The Liebster Award is for bloggers with under 300 followers and the rules of the award is that the nominee must link back to whoever awarded them, write 11 random facts about themselves, answer the 11 questions from the award giver, and then nominate another 11 bloggers and make up 11 questions for them to answer. It's a great way for new and undiscovered bloggers to meet new people, get more followers and find some blogs that they want to follow.
My Random facts
1. I used to have bright pink hair when I was a teenager! (its dark brown now)
2. I have a very old but still a little crazy Dalmatian 
3. I have seen Love Actually a ridiculous number of times!
4. My fiance is my best friend. We met 13 years ago when we started high school and have been together for nearly 7 of them.
5. I would love to live in New York City!
6. I have very vivid very realistic dreams, sometimes that isn't a good thing
7. I have a bad habit of doodling on everything and anything...including myself!
8. I have what some may call an unhealthy addiction to clothes and accessories
9. I own 58 scarf's 
10. I love to bake, especially cupcakes :)
11. Christmas is my favourite time of year
Questions from Beauty and Babbling
1. How close to done are you with your holiday shopping?
a- I am done! and have been for about a week. I am really quite proud of myself hehe
2. What is at least one of your holy grail beauty products?
a- Definitely Maybelline Falsies is amazing!
3. What is your favourite book?
a- I feel a little ashamed of myself for this but I don't think I have ever finished a book! I read Vogue, Elle and many blogs but no books. Maybe I have never found the right one?
4. Are you going to make any New Year's Resolutions?
a- Yes, the standard lose some weight. I have lost quite a lot of weight in the past couple of years and I would like to lose the rest after Christmas.
5. When you are cooking at home, what is your favourite dinner to make?
a- If its for myself I like to make Chilli or some kind of curry - I love hot food!
6. Are you more interested in going to see The Hobbit or Les Miserables
a- I really want to see both, I don't think I can choose 
7. What is one wardrobe staple every woman should have in her closet? 
a- A leather biker jacket! I have looked for the perfect one for so long and it is now sitting under the Christmas tree waiting to be opened on the 25th. Paul bought it for me :)
8. What is your favourite healthy snack? 
a- I really like dried fruit and nuts
9. What is your favourite NON-healthy snack?
a- Chocolate if I was sweet and crisps if I want bad!
10. Do you buy cheap or expensive watches and/or sunglasses?
a- I don't own a watch, is that odd? I have just always used my phone for the time. I have both cheap and expensive sunglasses. It really just depends on the style.
11. How good are you at resisting sales?  
a- AWFUL. I might not always find anything but I can't resist them
My 11 Questions
1. Do you have an item of clothing that is special, if so why?
2. Do you prefer cats or dogs?
3. Do you have a favourite Christmas treat?
4. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?
5. Do you have any bad habits?
6. What is your favourite thing to eat?
7. Why did you start your blog?
8. Do you have any nicknames?
9. What is your favourite fragrance?
10. Are you doing anything special for Christmas this year?
11. What is your favourite time of year?
Bloggers I nominate
Elle from sliding drawers
Em from A Nutty Style of Life
Rachel from Blush and Brunch
Daisy from Daisycakes
Sarah from SareBerry
Megan from A Brunettes Beauty Blog
Thank you again Beauty and Babbling for nominating me :)
Thank you all for reading
Only 13 sleeps left!
Shelley xx


  1. So fun to read your responses to this!! It's very cute that you and your fiance met in high school and have known each other for so long :) And I have vivid dreams too, occasionally I even talk in my sleep! Congrats on finishing all of your Christmas shopping!

    1. Thank you, it was fun to do :)
      I think I talk in my dreams sometimes too, I'm not sure if it is actual words or just mumbling lol.

      Elle xx

  2. Congrats on this award! omg I'd love to see a picture of you with your bright pink hair! haha that sounds awesome...
    Living in NYC sounds like it would be amazing :D

    1. Thank you :)I loved my pink hair, I sometimes think about dying it again lol.

      Elle xx


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