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Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Statement Jewellery

Statement jewellery is everywhere right now, and it doesn't look as if its going to be leaving any time soon. Personally I am a huge fan of statement pieces, especially when it comes to jewellery so I am loving this trend. You can find such a huge variety on the high street so I wanted to share a few bits that I have picked up over the past two or three weeks.

The necklace with the pearls and the one with the spikes are both from Primark and if I remember correctly were around the £4 mark. I really liked these two when I found them, the spikes are more on the edgy side and the pearls well... pearls are just one of my favourite things so I just fell for it, it looks great with black lace tops. I have been wearing the spikes with blacks and greys and it just finishes outfit off nicely. The other two are from H&M. The neon coral roses I just knew I wanted when I seen it, its not as big as the others but it is very bright. I think it will look great in summer with some white and navy pieces, and great with black just now as the colour is so bright it will just stand out beautifully. The last one I had no outfits in mind when I bought it, it just looked ridiculously pretty in the bright store lights and the colours change when you move. It was the most expensive being around £12 with the roses only being £4.99. some these piece will be a little gaudy and a little too bright and garish but I think that I what can make them fun to wear. It is sometimes nice to add a little something different to an outfit.

Even though this is somewhat of a recent trend I have had a few bits of statement jewellery for quite a few years now.

These are two of my favourites and the two I would consider to be the biggest in terms of size and impact. They are both from the Danish brand Pilgrim. I have been collecting Pilgrim jewellery from years now, I even have a Pilgrim Jewellery box! I find the designs so interesting and so different from what you can find elsewhere. It can be a little pricey so most of what I have where gifts as I was much younger when I started and couldn't really afford to buy any myself. The gold necklace looks beautiful on especially with a v-neck or over a very high neck and the stones catch the light so nicely. The butterfly is quite large and sits high on your chest. Because it is so large it can catch a lot of attention, over the years it has had its fair share of compliments.

What are your thoughts on statement jewellery? Do you love it or do you think they can be a bit too much? As I said I love them! I think a statement necklace can add so much to a simple rather plain outfit, turning it into something special. It can instantly make an outfit dressier without much at all. I will definitely be looking out for one or two more pieces.

Thanks for reading :)

14 more sleeps!!!

Shelley xx



  1. Ooh these are all beautiful pieces! I like statement jewelry depends on the occasion and outfit. They definitely make your outfit special :D

    1. Thank you and I agree, they do make outfits special :)

      Elle xx


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