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Sunday, 16 December 2012

Twelve Days of Christmas - Christmas Questions

On the third day of Christmas...

I first read this when Ellie from Ellalogy was tagged to do it, you should check out her blog here! And today when Traci from Drinkcitra did a post on it, you should check her out here. They both have lovely blogs so make sure you have a look. Although I have not been tagged to do this post I just thought it would be a lot of fun to do and it fits in nicely with the twelve days of Christmas.

So the questions :)

1. What makes Christmas such a special holiday for you and your family?
What makes Christmas such a special day is just spending it with people you love. Sometimes we stay in and have people round and sometimes we go out and visit friends. But we always have dinner at home :)

2. Were you told the truth about Santa Claus by your parents or did you find out another way? And do you plan on lying to your kids?
I think I realised it on my own. I can't remember what age I was but I remember saying to my mum that I knew Santa didn't exist and telling her she didn't need to lie to me any more lol. I have a younger brother however so I kept up the pretence until he found out. We don't plan on ever having children so I won't ever have that problem. I will of course make sure that any children I know believe in Santa, it brings so much magic to Christmas when you are small :)

3. Real tree or fake tree?
I have a fake tree so I suppose I will have to go with that. I enjoy having a tree that I can keep year after year but if we ever have space for a second tree I would love to also have a real one.

4. Do you open presents on Christmas morning, Christmas eve or both?
When we were younger my brother and I got to open one present each on Christmas eve and that was really exciting. Since growing up that is something I don't really do any more, unless I get new pyjamas and then I get to open them. It's always fun to wake up in new pyjamas on Christmas morning.

5. What is your favourite Christmas movie to watch. Favourite Christmas song to sing or listen to?
I tried to pick just one Christmas movie but I can't! I love so many like Elf, Love Actually, Scroodged, and of course Muppet's Christmas Carol! More than that but I wont list them all. I am the same with songs! But one of my favourite albums has to be Michael Buble Christmas album.

This was fun to do so I hoped you enjoyed it. Please let me know if you do this tag, I would love to read the post :)

Only 10 sleeps left! Goodnight everyone

Shelley xx


  1. I'm so happy you did this tag! A big dinner at home is definitely one of my favorite parts of Christmas. And it sounds like you, Traci and I were all in the same position of being the eldest child and pretending in Santa for the sake of our little siblings! Can't believe there are only 10 more days until Christmas!!!

    1. I know it is really quite scary how fast it is coming! Christmas dinner has to be one of the best meals of the year :)

      Elle xx

  2. Yay! This was fun to read hehe. I'm glad you did this too! Haha it's funny how like Ellie said, we were all in the same position being the eldest and keeping Santa alive for our siblings. I love how you have a lot of favorite holiday movies haha. Aw and I love Michael Buble!

    1. There are far too many Christmas films to just pick one, I like to watch as many as I can before Christmas hehe.

      Elle xx


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