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Sunday, 23 December 2012

Twelve Days of Christmas - Cupcakes

On the tenth day of Christmas...

This post was suppose to be up yesterday so for that I apologise, I tried incredibly hard to get it done but I just ran out of time.

If your read my last post then you will know that yesterday I was making cupcakes for my little brother to take to take to work for a little Christmas party they are having. 150 to be exact! As hard as I tried to get finished it did end up taking me all day. By the time I had completely finished it was nearly 1am and I thought it better to go to bed and get some sleep and write this post when I had time in the morning. It was really my own fault that it ended up taking such a long time, I had decided on designs that were quite fiddly to do and that very really quite time consuming...oops! However I am so pleased with how they turned out that I really don't mind how long they took to do.

I decided on two designs, the first one was a vanilla cake with vanilla butter cream to which I added blue food colouring to give them a frosty look. I cut out LOTS of starts and painted them all with paint that I found for icing that gives it a pearlescent finish. I then covered them all in glitter because its Christmas and why not? :)

The second I think are my favourite! I make a chocolate cake with chocolate butter cream and then tried my very best to make them look like little Christmas puddings. I am so pleased with how they look, even if the holly berries and leaves did take me a very long time to finish!

Then they were all packed up ready to go! I am really very pleased with how they turned out, now I just hope that everyone enjoys them :)

Only 3 sleeps to go! (or there was when this was supposed to go up)

Shelley xx


  1. Oh my goodness! These look incredible! :D

  2. omgggg you made those? they look so professionally done!!! so so cute!!!

    rachel x

    1. Thank you, that is such a compliment :)

      Elle xx


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