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Friday, 21 December 2012

Twelve Days of Christmas - To Do List!

On the ninth day of Christmas...

It may seem a little late for a to do list but today while I was out I realised just how little time there is left from now until Christmas. Obviously I know how many days are left as I have been counting them down right here but it just hit me! After tonight there are three days only and then it will be Christmas and suddenly I felt as if there are just not enough hours in the day to get everything done! So...instead of scribbling them down on a bit of paper that I will forget to look at when it gets lost in the Tardis that is my handbag, I thought I would write them on here :)

1. Cupcakes! Tomorrow I have to make 150 cupcakes for my brothers work, they are having a little Christmas party on Sunday and have asked me to make some. I am not a baker, I just enjoy doing it for friends and family so hopefully all will go to plan and it wont take me ALL day. They have to be Christmas themed so I am quite excited about it really (hehe)

2. Christmas hampers! I love to make them, it is something fun that Paul and I do each year now but I am just a little worried that it might be a rush to get them finished. These are of course the only Christmas gifts I haven't wrapped and put away as of yet because they really can't be done that far in advance...unfortunately!

3. Visits! Christmas eve is always usually reserved for visiting as many friends and family as is possible in one day. Each year we say we will be home early and will have a nice relaxing night but that is yet to happen. You always end up spending far more time than you planned in each house and being out for the whole day and night. I have to say however that its self has now become a kind of tradition and I don't think Christmas eve would be the same without the madness of running around :)

4. Shopping! We have, like good little organised people have bought most of our Christmas food so that is all put away ready to be cooked. The only thing we really have to buy are the fresh things like fruit and vegetables that we really can't freeze but that shouldn't take too long.

When I write them down like that is doesn't seem like it is a lot to do, I think it is just the fact that each thing takes quite a long time...something I feel I am lacking this weekend! Even though I am a little worried about getting everything done on time it doesn't take away the fact that in just a few days it will be Christmas day! I can't explain just how excited I am and I am getting more and more so the closer we get the it :)

Thanks for reading, Happy Friday everyone :)

Only 4 sleeps left!!!

Shelley xx


  1. cute to do list, 150 cupcakes is a lot!! good luck and let us know how it goes :) and i've been reading a lot about christmas hampers, especially from british bloggers... is it a tradition? i love the idea!

    rachel x

    1. I'm not actually sure if they are a tradition, I will have to check. I enjoy doing them, it is fun to make lots of little treats for people :)

      Elle xx

  2. What a great to-do list! Sounds like you have a busy, but fun weekend ahead of you!

    1. I just hope I get everything done! Im sure it will all be fine :)


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