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Friday, 22 February 2013

Currently I am...

About holidays. We haven't been away anywhere for nearly two years now and I think it's time we went on a little vacation! Maybe some time this year but it would be nice to get away from everything, there are just so many places to choose from! Any suggestions??

Water. Not the most exciting thing in the world but it is good for you and your skin. I always drink plenty of water during Summer but in Winter I seem to forget but I am trying really hard to remember this year.

For Spring. I love Winter, and everything that comes with it but around this time of year when the shops are full of Spring colour its hard to not be excited about it!

My vase of roses. My fiance surprised me with them over a week ago and they still look so beautiful. Flowers do so much for a room!

What to have for dinner! I have no idea what to make, I hate nights like this when everything you think of, you don't want. But at the same time you can't think of what you do want...annoying!

An old MUA blush. I bought it last year some time and I kind of forgot about it until today. It is such a pretty light pink colour and looks really sweet on.

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Happy Friday :)


  1. Hehe I like these kinds of posts. I hope you find a place to go on vacation!

    1. Thank you :)
      I hope so too, there are just so many to choose from!

  2. Lovely post. I am loving this type of post lately. May have to steal it and do one myself. :)

    1. Thank you. You should do one, these kinds of posts are lovely to read I think :)


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