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Thursday, 7 February 2013

Elemis Papaya Enzyme "Peel"

It is always wonderful when you come across a product that you feel really works for you and your skin! I last mentioned this Elemis Peel in my December Favourites  and since then, I have come to love it even more.

Elemis is a brand I am quite new too. I have heard many things about them but this is the first product I have tried for myself and let me tell you...if this is anything to go by, I am a fan!

This particular mask is an "enzyme exfoliator", something else I am new too. It has no abrasive material as manual exfoliators do so you don't have to worry that you could be scratching or damaging your skin. Instead enzyme exfoliators work by accelerating the process of skin cell replacement, they do this by speeding up the chemical reactions needed to bring new, plump cells to the surface and help get rid of old ones.

While doing some research about enzyme exfoliators or peels, I came across a few interesting facts. They can accomplish the same results much faster than manual exfoliators which is much better for your skin. They help reduce the appearance of age spots, fine lines and stretch marks and what really interested me, they help diminish scars and marks left behind from acne. Also, because you wear them as you would a face mask they help to cleanse pores better, and doing so improve skin tone. This helps with any discolouration you may have and I found, in this mask it helps reduce the redness I get.

I have quite sensitive skin, it can become dry or irritated really rather easily so I am more than happy to say that I had no nasty effects from this mask. I call it a mask because you apply it to your face and after 10-15 minutes you wash it off with warm water. Instead of peeling it off, which is the impression I got from reading the name. When using some face masks I find that they can feel uncomfortable but this is lovely to use. It is cool and feels very calming when you apply, and the smell is really very nice. After taking the mask off I can honestly say I can see a difference in my skin. It looks much brighter and the redness I can get in my cheeks always seems to be much less.

It is the most expensive face mask I have ever bought at £29.50 and I was worried it would maybe not be worth the money, but after using it for nearly two months now I can say that it is worth very penny. I use it around once a week and you really don't need to apply a lot of product so I can see this lasting me quite a while. When I do eventually run out though, I will most definitely be buying more :)



  1. Wow this seems amazing. I'm glad it was worth the price :D


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