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Monday, 4 February 2013

Some Favourites from January - Spending Diet Issue!

I know I am a couple of days late with this post, but to say that I had a busy weekend would be a bit of an understatement! I feel like I am always telling you I am making cakes but again, that is what I was doing all weekend! The reason...? I had two friends ask if I would make them cupcakes and cake pops, both for the weekend. I managed it, but not being a baker it did take me a long time but they turned out well.

If you read my last post you will know that I had placed my self on a "spending diet" throughout January. If you are new here, then "hello, welcome" and let me explain. After having spent a lot of money over Christmas it seemed like a good idea to not spend money on items that I didn't really need. It has turned out to be quite a good thing to do and I have saved a little extra money.

Because I haven't bought any new products this month I am going to do a slightly different monthly favourites. I have taken the past few weeks as a chance to try out a lot of the samples I have gathered, when I looked I really had quite a few so I have picked my favourites to share with you.

Make Up & Skincare

Only one make up product this month because I have really been using the same products as last month. This little jar of powder came in a Glossy box, I think last month but I could be wrong. It is Dewy Perfection Finishing Powder from BM Beauty. It claims to do many things such as, brighten your complexion, reduce the appearance of fine lines, help make up last longer and more. I have used it as a highlight on my cheek bones and it works really well and dusted lightly all over my face and I can say it does give a dewy bright appearance. I am very pleased with this product and it is something I would consider buying. The website also suggests for it to be used all over you face before you apply foundation. I haven't yet tried it this way because honestly, the thought of applying powder before foundation doesn't sit well with me. Especially as my skin can get a little dry.

I have three skincare products that I have really rather liked, two have a lot to do with the smell! First is a mango body butter from Alison Claire and one of the lovely things about it is that it is all natural, which is always a good thing. I have two reasons for starting to use this product, first because its very cold outside so I have been trying to use body moisturiser regularly and second, it smells sooo good! It smells just like something I used to eat when I was much younger but for the life of me I can't think what! It is also quite a good body butter, though I have to say I don't like it as much as the Bodyshop body butters. It does sink in to the skin very well without being greasy and leaves skin feeling very soft. The second yummy smelling product is Idealia Vichy Moisturiser, it smells just like fresh raspberries...of which I am a big fan! The sample I have is for normal to combination skin and while I do like it, I feel my skin would benefit more from the one for dry skin. I love applying it, and it feels wonderful, I just don't think it is giving my skin enough hydration. Last is Clarins Beauty Flash Balm. I realise this is by no means a new or exciting product but I have just recently started using it. I once tried it years ago when there was quite a lot of hype around the so called "wonder product" and didn't like it, I just didn't see any difference it made to my face. However, I have had to samples of this lying around that I have been given as part of free gift offers when buying other products so I thought "why not?" I still don't think it does all that it claims to do but I do find that it give me a brighter complexion on days when my skin feels a little dull. I'm unsure if I would ever actually buy this product but I am quite enjoying my samples :)


With the weather being so cold lately it will probably come as no surprise that my favourite fashion items this past month are gloves! Two pairs, the black and grey that I bought around Christmas time in the sale from Asos are thick and really warm, and the other were a gift from my fiance's parents for Christmas. They are so pretty and I have been wearing them as much as possible. Both I believe are now sold out so I can't find a link to add for them.


With a new year comes a new diary and this is mine. I absolutely love it and I was so excited waiting for it to be delivered. I have always been fascinated by Paris, the fashion, the history, the architecture, the food...I could go on. It is somewhere I have always wanted to visit and if I ever get the chance I will but for now I will settle with looking at it in other forms, like books! I got this from Amazon at the very start of January and I am so pleased with it.

Other Things

I have two other things that I have been loving this past month and they are Instagram and Pinterest. I have become a woman obsessed and if I have a spare minute that is probably what I am doing.

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Happy Monday everyone :)



  1. Ooh I love your gloves. It's been cold in the mornings when I go to work and gloves are a life saver! :D

    1. They really are, you can't do anything with cold hands!

  2. those gloves are adorable!!!!!!!!!!!! id love you to check out my blog if you get a chance :) x

  3. aww your planner is precious! high 5 to staying organized - using my planner and keeping up with things is one of my 2013 goals too :)
    that dewy perfection powder looks really interesting... i love a dewy look and the powder looks really natural, thanks for sharing:)

    rachel x

    1. Thanks, I really love it. Yeh I am looking forward to trying the powder in a few different ways to see how else it works :)

  4. Cute diary! I've always wanted to pick up the parisian chic book, I did not know they made a diary! Have you read it?

    Sita xx

    1. I haven't, I think it's the next book I am going to buy. I found the diary before I knew there was a book lol.

  5. Nice pieces sweetie :)


  6. Your organiser is so lovely!

    Gillian x

  7. Great blog!

    If you get a sec, check out my latest post 'Seaside Blue'.

    Have a beautiful and blessed week.

    Stay beautiful,


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    Thank you.

    1. Thank you very much, I will definitely do that :)

  8. Those maroon polka-dotted gloves are so cute! I have a pair similar to those except black with black bows!

    Enjoy trying out your new skincare lovelies~!

  9. Ohh the planer is adorable! I love it so much!! <33


    1. Thank you :)
      I think you can still get them on Amazon?

  10. Aw, you little gloves with the double bows are adorable!! So pretty! I know how you feel, it's freezing!! My mittens are permanently attached to me!

    Em x

    1. Thank you, yeh it is really cold! Bring on Spring and Summer :)


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