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Sunday, 10 February 2013

Valentines Breakfast

I first tried this meal maybe around two years ago. My best friend had been away to Australia and while most people bring back souvineres, she brought back the idea for this recipe. She said she had been eating it most days for the two weeks they were gone and she loved it. So for a "catch up" brunch she made it for us and since that day it has become a favourite of mine...especially for breakfast. I love every part of it from the comforting banana bread to the always luxurious feeling raspberries and mascarpone and the whole thing goes so well together. It is my perfect Valentines breakfast!

You will need :

- thick slices of banana bread
- fresh raspberries, but you could use frozen ones that have been thawed
- butter
- honey
- mascarpone
- icing sugar
- 2 beaten eggs
- frying pan

Start by melting some butter in a frying pan on a medium heat, you can use oil if you like or low cal spray but this is a special breakfast and I think the butter just gives something extra to the taste.

While the pan is heating up and the butter is melting soak the banana bread in the beaten eggs. Leaving it for around 30 seconds on each side so it can soak up a little. If your bread is really fresh you might not want to leave it as long, ours was a few days old. Once your bread is soaked to your liking pop it in the pan to start browning. I like the bread to be quite brown and crispy so once you are happy with it just flip it over and cook the other side.

While the bread is cooking add a little icing sugar to your mascarpone to sweeten it. If you don't want the extra sweetness of course you don't need to do this. Then take your raspberries and start to crush them up. I don't add any extra sugar to them because I like the contrast of the tart berries with the sweet cream but if you like them sweet then just add a teaspoon of icing sugar.

When the bread is ready just plate it up and add your mascarpone and crushed raspberries. I like to then drizzle it with honey and dust the bread with icing sugar...that is really just so it looks pretty.

This is such an amazing breakfast and if I didn't know better I would eat it far more often than I do, I hope it gives you some inspiration for Valentines day :)


  1. er, yum! Will you be my valentine?! I will cook you red velvet cupcakes in return!

    E x

  2. That looks DELISH! Yummy.

    Great blog - I'm a new follower :)
    Abby x
    Be You and Be Beautiful
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    1. Thank you.
      And thank you so much for following :)

  3. Looks so delicious, you are very good at it.

  4. omg, looks delicious!!


  5. It looks so delicious. Thanks for sharing the recipe. :)

    The Sun Kissed Girl

  6. Oooooohhh this iiiis sooo deliciouuss ^^ thanks for sharing :)

  7. This looks soooo good! I am definitely going to try this :)

  8. oh myyyyyyy this looks amazing! thanks so much for sharing i'm definitely trying this out. it seems quick to make but so pretty on the plate :)

    rachel x

    1. Quick but oh so yummy! You should definitely give it a try :)


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