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Thursday, 7 March 2013

Jo Malone - Sugar and Spice

Image from Jo Malone website

While Internet "window shopping" last night I clicked on the Jo Malone website to find out that they have released a new limited edition collection! I am a huge fan of Jo Malone so I was incredibly excited to see this, then even more so when I discovered the idea behind the collection. It is based on British High Tea so all five scents take inspiration for a different tea time treat. I was instantly excited by this and I love the idea behind the collection, especially as I love High Tea or Afternoon Tea.

The collection has five fragrances and they all come in the 30ml size bottles. I love the smaller bottles that Jo Malone sell, while the larger bottles look beautiful on your dresser the smaller sizes are perfect for travel or for carrying around in your handbag. The five scents from the collection are Bitter Orange & Chocolate, Redcurrant & Cream, Ginger Biscuit, Elderflower & Gooseberry and Lemon Tart.

The bottles come in the same beautiful style packaging that you expect from Jo Malone but this collection has a wonderful, playful twist. The bottles are each a different pastel shade which co-ordinates with the scent inside, all except Bitter Orange & Chocolate which is a vibrant orange.

I can't wait until I manage to get to a store to check out this collection, I love the thought of each one of these scents and I hope I like them as much in person.

Have you tried anything from the new Sugar and Spice collection?? If not your can visit the Jo Malone website here.


  1. I was drooling over this collection at selfridges while I was in London. Jo Malone is my fav fragrance line and this collection sounds perfect! My aunt just texted me saying she got me one from the line was a surprise... Can't wait to find out which one it is hehe

    Rachel x

    1. How exciting! I would love to know which one she has got you, how nice of her :) I am hoping to get to the store tomorrow to try them out, what did you think of the scents when you seen them? I hope they are as good as I am hoping they are lol.

  2. Oh my gosh. I have never even heard of Jo Malone. I wish you could test scents online! lol

    1. That would be amazing if you could do that lol


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