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Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Movie Night

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I turned the TV on on Friday night to see that Love Actually had just started. Of course I began to watch it and then I realised, I must have seen that film over 100 times...well maybe not quite 100 but it has been a lot! It got me thinking of films that I have seen over and over again but will still happily sit and watch when they come on the television...even if I do already own them!

Here is the list I came up with...

1 - Love Actually
2 - Stardust
3 - You've Got Mail
4 - Twilight (all of them)
5 - Home Alone 1 & 2
7 - 101 Dalmatians (cartoon and other)
8 - Die Hard
9 - Disney's Robin Hood
10 - Beauty and the Beast
11 - Iron Man
12 - The Avengers

They might not be in order exactly, but the first 3 I have watched a countless number of times! On days when you have no plans and you find your self relaxing around the house there are few things better than watching a good film with a big mug of tea.

What films can you just not resist watching?


  1. I've never seen Stardust before! Love Actually is definitely one of the movies I've watched over and over again. I've gone through obsessions with certain movies... The Devil Wears Prada, Manhattan and Kate and Leopold to name a few haha! xo, Ellie

    1. I forgot about The Devil Wears Prada! Ok, I obviously have a few more films I haven't listed lol. Stardust is such a good film, if you get a chance you should watch it, it leaves you feeling happy :)

  2. Haha great list! I share a lot of the same movies that I can watch over and over! I just watched 101 Dalmations the other

    1. I love that film so much, I could be biased because I have one though hehe

  3. I've never seen Stardust or You've Got Mail, mental note taken hehe! Might watch one today :) I had a complete obsession with the Devil Wears Prada, Finding Nemo and The Twilight movies, oh and an old-ish film called Beaches, sooo good :) I am a sucker for the soppy ones though. loved this post! you should start a tag with it :) x x

    1. That's a good idea! I have never seen Beaches, I will be googling that lol! The Devil Wears Prada is such a good film, it is so funny hehe. If you like the soppy films I would definitely recommend You've Got Mail, it is a really good one. It always leaves me feeling really happy :)



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