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Monday, 29 April 2013

Feel Good Floral's

Some times when I'm out just browsing the shops I will see something that instantly catches my eye and makes me feel as if "I must have it". If I have been spending a little too much lately or the store is so busy that it would take me hours to get it and get out I will decide to leave it there...even if sometimes that might seem hard. Now, this can be a really good technique! If by that evening I have forgotten all about said item it was obviously something that I didn't want too badly and it is probably a good thing that I left it in the store, effectively saving me money on impulse purchases - always a good thing! If on the other hand I haven't stopped thinking about that certain item all the way home and all evening until I go to sleep then I know that I really must want it. This is exactly what happened with my latest scarf purchase. I was waiting for my lovely fiance to finish work so I was killing time browsing the shops, I spotted the bright happy prints and immediately fell in love with it. It was so bright and so summery and made me very happy just looking at it. Because I didn't want to be late I left it there, only to return the next day to buy it at a discounted price as the store was having a 20% off sale (high five!) The design is a floral print made up of muted green shades and bright blues, pinks and purples. One of my favourite things about it has to be the neon coral touches through some of the flowers and an the trim. I think it is perfect to inject some much needed colour into some plain outfits and I will definitely be wearing this a lot over the next few months!

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Essie - Nice is Nice

I think I can safely say that Spring is finally here. I don't try to coordinate my nail colour with the seasons but there is something about Spring that just makes me crave pastel shades on my fingers. I think they fit quite well with Spring and I find them to be very flattering to wear. Because I am quite pale some bright colours can sometimes seem harsh so pastels are a great choice for some colour. 

I have been looking for a pale purple shade for a few weeks now and the more you look for the perfect one, the harder it gets to find, so it was a lovely surprise when I opened this months glossy box. In the box was Essie's "Nice is Nice". It is the most beautiful pale purple/lilac shade and looks so pretty on. I have been wearing it for almost a week now and I am in love with it. Because it isn't to bright it looks great with any outfit and I am very impressed with the quality of the polish. My nails aren't in great condition so polish tends to chip quite quickly on me, but apart from the odd small (not really noticeable) chip they are still looking good.


Monday, 22 April 2013

Update and Thank You

Hi everyone, how are you? I have missed you all!

I haven't been around very much lately and I'm sorry for that but it has been a difficult time and every time I sat down to write I just felt as if my heart wasn't in it, and I always feel that can make things seem forced and impersonal and a blog is a very personal thing. Anyway, things are better now so I wanted to update you all and explain a little more about that situation with our dog Cody...but beware, it is long!

A few weeks ago we found a very nasty looking lump on Cody's belly, it had appeared incredibly quickly and it was hard to not think the worst when looking at it. I took her straight to vets to have checked out and they were just amazing with her. She is absolutely petrified of the vets and I have had to force her in everyone she has ever been to, but the staff at the new veterinary hospital in our town are wonderful and she was relatively calm. They were straight with us from the start and explained that without doing a biopsy they wouldn't know for sure but it was very likely to turn out to be cancer. She was booked in a few days after that to have a sample of the lump taken and we would get the results one week later. 

Even though the lump looked bad I kept telling myself that it could turn out to be something such as a nasty looking infection so it wasn't worth getting upset or worrying to much about it at that time.

A week later the call from the vets came with the results, it was quite possibly the worst news. They explained that Cody had very aggressive cancer and there was nothing they could do to cure it and without treatment she could have as few as 4 - 6 weeks left to live! I just broke down on the phone, I really just couldn't believe what I was being told. What made it harder to take in was that if you were to see her, apart from the horrible lump on her belly she was the same normal happy dog she always wouldn't think there was anything wrong with her. I spend the rest of the day crying and playing with her, which only made me more upset because she was so happy!

We had another appointment with her vet the week later and it was for a check up and to pick up some antibiotics because the skin on the lump had developed a little infection. Even though the news wasn't new any more it was still upsetting, and we discussed having her put to sleep when she became ill and any treatment options to give her the best life possible while she was still with us.

Putting her through chemotherapy at her age seemed cruel, especially because the type of cancer she has is very aggressive (also very rare) that it would mean many trips to the vets and lots of drugs and injections. All of which would have horrible side effects and at 13 years old it just seemed wrong. But...our vet did some research and discovered a treatment that they hadn't considered before. I am so glad she did!

It is a pill that she is given once every 3 weeks, so far she has only had one but it seems to be working! The treatment won't cure her cancer so eventually we will still have to face having her put to sleep but hopefully not for some time yet. It has reduced the size of the huge lump on her belly by half, so she is comfortable and the vet is hopeful that it will shrink even further. It will also stop any side effects that come with cancer in terms of sickness so as far as Cody is concerned she is a happy dog! 

It is great news and we are really happy with how she is doing! She is such an amazing dog and she means the world to me! I have had her since I was 12 years old and I am just so thankful we are able to have her in our life a little longer.

I know this has been a long post so if you have made it this far well done, and thank you for taking the time to read it. I wanted to explain how things were going and say a HUGE thank you for the lovely comments and email I received, they really helped a lot at the time I felt the worst about the whole thing! 

Thank you for reading  :)

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