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Monday, 8 July 2013

25 Facts

1. I am addicted to lip balm, I seem to have a collection of them now.

2. I love to write lists, especially around times like Christmas when there is so much opportunity to. This has lead to me have multiple notebooks lying around.

3. Once upon a time I had bright pink hair, and when I say bright...I mean bright. Think Kelly Osbourne in the early reality tv days.

4. I love clean bedding, I assume everyone does but I just think it is one of the best feelings when you get into a freshly made bed.

5. Paul never calls me Shelley, he only calls me Pants. There is a story behind it but that has and always will be his name for me.

6. I love Raspberries and anything with Raspberry scent or taste.

7. Even though I have never been I know I love New York

8. I love baking, cupcakes especially.

9. I love rainy days spent indoors watching movies with big mugs of tea.

10. I love tea!

11. I have always wanted to learn how to play the piano.

12. I hate it when someone asks me what my 'favourite' of something is. I find it so hard to choose and I can never answer because it changes all the time.

13.I love each and every season and look forward to them all, I could never pick a favourite.

14. But saying that, my favourite time of year is Christmas. I love everything about it!

15. I have freckles but you can only see them in summer.

16. I cannot stand the sound of taps dripping or ticking clocks, they both drive me mad!

17. I can't eat chicken and egg together, it freaks me out...

18. My eyes change colour, they are either grey, green or blue depending on how I feel

19. I don't cope well at all if I cut myself. I feel so ill and light headed, I can't even look at it.

20. I am definitely a dog person

21. I love vintage things, everything from cars to clothes

22. I have 57 scarf's

23. I always have to have my phone with me, I can't go anywhere with out it.

24. I have never worn a watch.

25. Tonight we had pancakes for dinner...

with strawberries and white chocolate!



  1. Ooh what a fun read! omg I would love to see you with bright pink hair! lol
    Yay for tea <3
    omg I don't like when people ask what "favorite" of anything's too hard! lol
    Mm those pancakes look delicious!

    1. I really loved my hair pink, I miss it sometimes. It really is one of the most annoying things when people do that! lol

      I will have to tell Paul, he made them hehe


  2. What a lovely blogpost! I love anything/scent with raspberries too! :)
    Been thinking of doing one of these for a while now - So fun! :)

    1. You should do one too, they are actually quite fun to write. I always love reading them too :)


  3. I LOVE posts like this!

    Big fan of raspberries here too, I've been buying frozen ones just to cool off from the sun.



    1. Me too, they are so much fun to read.
      Oh that's a really good idea, I will have to start doing that :)



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