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Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Birthday Beauty Treats

Last week, as some of you will know was my birthday! The whole week was wonderful and full of so many great things also, some very sweet gifts from friends and family. I was given quite a few beauty bits this year  - which I am very excited about! - so thought I would share them with you.

I have become a true convert to the whole hair oil craze this year so I was super excited to find this in a bag of goodies from my best friend, it was on my list of things to try when the sample I am currently using runs out. From super excited to incredibly confused! She also bought my hair dye, when I opened this I immediately thought she had gone mad because I have brown hair and this is brown hair dye but it is actually a very thoughtful gift. I know almost nothing about hair but apparently this stuff will help put the colour back in your hair that has been taken away by the sun, and the past two years my hair has become much lighter. Excited to see if that works, has anyone else tried toner for their hair?

These two beautiful things are not just absolutely gorgeous to look at, they are also my first ever NARS products. I have used the blush/highlight a couple of times now and it looks so pretty - even on my pale skin! -  but haven't tried out the palette. Does any one have any tips for colours or ways to wear them?

I actually knew I was getting the Bobbi Brown things, but that didn't make me any less excited to use them. The corrector and concealer are nothing short of amazing at covering my dark under eye circles! I'm not sure why I never bought them but I am so glad Paul did. The Maybelline Color Tattoo's were little extra things that Paul likes to put in with my gifts, he is so sweet that way, and they are really lovely shades to quickly apply when you want a little colour.

I'm sure all off of these things will end up in future monthly favourite posts!



  1. Oooh you got so many beautiful goodies!!

    1. I was very lucky, so excited to try them all :)



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