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Sunday, 14 July 2013

This Week

{Beautiful St. Andrews beach}

This week started quite rightly with a trip to the beach -picnic included! The weather has been so beautiful it seemed wrong not to. We spent the entire afternoon there eating mainly salad and cheese, we even had some scones with cream and jam...not sure if that is considered beach food but it worked for us. On the way home we stopped at an ice-cream shop that I used to go to all the time when I was younger but haven't been to in years. The ice-cream is just amazing and they had a new flavour, raspberry! Which of course I had to try and yes, it was amazing! I noticed while washing up earlier that I now have two of what I am calling my "American mugs". Not because they are from the US because it is still somewhere I haven't visited, but because they are from American chain stores. One day I will get some mugs from actual American shops...then the really will be my American mugs. Hope you have all had a lovely week. 

{Keeping shoes out of the sand}

{So many flavours to choose from!}

{Raspberry and Chocolate}

{My American mugs}

{Please Cadbury...keep this chocolate}



  1. These are beautiful photos! That ice cream shop looks amazing. Hehe, I hope you get your real American mugs soon!

    1. Thanks Ellie :)
      I hope so too, hopefully it will be soon!

  2. Beautiful pictures! Yay for beach trips! :D


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