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Thursday, 4 July 2013


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Today has been one of those days full of procrastination, I have tried to be productive but to be honest it hasn't all!

It is raining outside and has been all day on and off, because I haven't really had to go anywhere I have spent the day in the house doing as follows.

Most of the day I have been listening to Gabrielle Aplin, who's voice I may actually be in love with. I completely fell for Gabrielle and her music when I first heard this song from last years John Lewis tv advert, the one with the snowmen - it is one of my all time favourite things. Who would have thought two little snowmen could bring a tear to your eye. Quite a large portion of the day has been dedicated to window shopping online, not buying anything but spending countless amounts of money in my head. If only I could win the Lottery?

Each time I have walked into the kitchen I have been sneaking little bits of Nutella. I for some reason kid myself that if I leave it in there then I won't eat it, when in actual fact I just find more reasons to go to the would be far more efficient if I just brought the jar with me! Also...I'm not really sure who I am 'sneaking' it from as I am the only one in the house. Spare time these days seems to filled a lot with YouTube videos and today has been no different. I came across this video a while ago but the first one I found has been deleted - not sure why, but I found someone else who had posted it. I have watched it so many times and I just love the message behind it, also how it has been put together with the music.

How have you spent your day today?

Oh...I have just remembered that I have washed and dried two loads of laundry. That's productive isn't is?

I love rainy days...


  1. lol nutella. yum!
    Yea, laundry is productive! That's how I felt on friday...I did laundry and watched youtube vids haha

    1. Nutella is just too good!
      Yeh your right, at least we got some laundry done lol



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