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Friday, 20 September 2013

Autumn Accessories: Polka Dot Gloves

Last night I was looking out a piece of jewellery for a friend, we have a lot of things in a lot of boxes right now so this was a mammoth task. While trying to find it I came across a pair of gloves I forgot I had, I know that sounds bad but when things have been put away out of sight for around a year you tend to forget about them. But it actually turned out to be quite a nice thing, it was like discovering them all over again and it was at the perfect time. Sunday is the official start of Autumn, even though I have been in Autumn mode now for a couple of weeks. I think these gloves fit this season perfectly, everything for the colour and material to the playful design. I can't wait to start wearing them! They are a lovely soft suede and each year around this time I am really drawn to suede, even though its not the most practical material for cold wet weather. I got them just over a year ago now so I don't have a link to share but Mango have a beautiful leather pair here with big bows in a lovely red wine colour. And just because they are too cute to not tell you about, have a look at this little polar bear pair from Asos...I love mittens!


  1. How cute! The polka dots and the bow are such cute details on these gloves! :D

    1. They really are so cute, I love wearing them hehe



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