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Monday, 21 October 2013

Cold weather Candles

I love burning candles, there is something about them that makes a room feel all warm and cozy, especially at this time of year! I do burn them all year round but I have to say, I don't do it that often in Summer, it can be so hot some days and adding a flame just seems little out of place. The other reason I don't burn so many in Summer is due to the fact that I love the warm Christmasy scents, the cinnamon and cloves and all the sweet sugary ones, they don't go together as well with shorts and t-shirt weather.

With us now being well and truly into the cold months I have once again been filling the house with scented candles, the two I have been burning over the past three weeks are becoming real favourites! They are both Yankee Candles -I may have an obsession with that brand! The first is Black Cherry, the smell in this little jar will fill a room within minutes and it is wonderful! I have never actually enjoyed cherries in fruit form, but anything cherry scented is a winner with me! The second one I have only recently discovered is Macintosh Spice, this is a beautiful warm apple cider scent and I am pretty sure that before it has burned down to it's last few hours I will have to purchase another. Another I love but don't have any of this year is Cranberry Chutney, this smells exactly as the names would suggest and for me is the perfect pre-Christmas candle.

Do you enjoy burning scented candles? What are some of your favourites or recommendations?


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  1. Mmm I've been burning candles again now that the weather has been chillier. It really does make a room feel cozy hehe. That cherry one sounds lovely! I'll have to find that one to smell!


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