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Thursday, 24 October 2013

Halloween Cake Decorations

Because Halloween is mid-week this year, rubbish, we aren't doing anything on the actually day so we though we would have a Halloween movie weekend. I hate being scared, not even in fun, such as people hiding and jumping out at you,  thinking it is isn't! So I refuse to watch any scary films as the result will be me sleeping in a ball position for the next 6 weeks not being able to look out over the bed covers. We haven't yet decided on the whole movie set list but the Gremlins will be in there somewhere!

As with any other festive time of year I can't let it go by without some baking. I thought cupcakes would be a good treat for the weekend to go with movies and snacks so I thought I would share my 3 easy Halloween cake decorations. They are really easy and fun to make and apart from the spider, they really take no time at all. All you need is some coloured ready to roll icing, a sharp knife and grease proof paper.

First, the witches hat, this is the most simple of the 3. Start with a small ball of black icing and flatten it into a circle to form the base of the hat.

Then take a slightly larger ball and roll out into a cone shape, and place this in the middle of the base.

When they are stuck together with your nail or sharp knife make a indentation near the top of the hat, then press the top down so it looks slightly like a fold in the material. And that's the hat done!

Next is the pumpkin, this is my favourite and while it is simple I think its the best looking of the 3. Take some orange coloured icing and roll into a ball. Then very carefully while holding it in one hand make indentations from top to bottom with the knife. Do this all the way round your pumpkin.

When you have finished with the lines set it down with the messiest side on the bottom and lightly press your finger in the middle on the top of your pumpkin. I think this gives a slightly more realistic appearance. Then take your knife and twist it round in the top of your pumpkin to give you a small hole to add the stalk.

Take a tiny piece of black icing and shape it into a tiny cone like shape, then pop this in the hole you have made. And there you have your very cute little pumpkins!

Last is the spider, and while its not hard to do, its just a little fiddly. Take you black icing and make a large ball for the body and a smaller ball for the head, press down the body slightly so it isn't so round and shape it how you want it -I made mine into more of an oval shape, then stick on the smaller ball for the head.

Take some more icing and roll out a very long, very thin sausage shape then cut off little lengths for all the legs. The length of the legs is really up to you. Start adding them to the body, tucking a little underneath so they stick, I shaped mine a slightly by adding a bend in the legs.

When you have shaped your spider the way you want it, all you have to do is add the eyes. Make too small white balls and press them down to on it's face, then do the same with very small pieces of black and add them onto the white.

This gives you a very friendly looking little spider, you could even add a smile if you like. Leave all of your little decorations on a tray lined with grease proof paper until they are completely dry, once they are you can add the to any cake you like. I find that within 24 hours they have set enough for me to add the to cupcakes without them braking.

These little guys will be on white chocolate cupcakes this weekend and enjoyed while snuggled up on the sofa watching films. What are your plans for Halloween this year?



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