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Monday, 28 October 2013

Rainy Day Wishlist

With the weather being very bad right now in some parts of the country, and mainly wet and cold in the rest, it has left me with the need to search out warm comfortable things online that will make staying indoors all the better. Even something to make having to go outside a little easier.

While having a look online for Christmas present ideas for certain people, I came across something that without exaggerating life will not be complete without! I have heard of heated blankets for your bed before, but I have never seen or heard of heated faux fur throws! I got very excited when I found this and I think it would be just perfect for Winter, that along with the very lovely knitted robe and pretty little fluffy slippers. To make indoors just absolutely perfect, evenings should be filled with the smell of salted caramel. I have been lusting after this candle for a while now since they were released earlier this year, but have put off buying it as we have quite a few to get through already. As I mentioned a few posts back I would really like a new parka, I still haven't got around actually buying one yet but this one from River Island is possibly the fluffiest I have seen. That may not be great in the rain, but I bet it would keep you so lovely and warm!!



  1. Oh my goodness! That heated throw sounds and looks so cozy!

    1. I know! Wouldn't it just be the most perfect thing for Winter nights hehe



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