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Thursday, 28 November 2013

Christmas Gift Guide 2013 - Gifts for Him

Welcome to the forth and final Christmas Gift Guide, I hope you have enjoyed these little posts and that they were maybe helpful for someone in some way. The last one is gift ideas for the man in your life, they can sometimes be so hard to buy for hopefully this can give you some ideas.

1. Tokyo Laundry Onesie - £34.99. I have looked through so many of these over the past few months and this is my favourite, it looks amazing and is super cosy!

2. Giant Rocky Road Slab - £16.99. If you are buying for anyone with a sweet tooth this year the "Giant Slabs" from Hotel Chocolat are a great gift. They come in a few different combinations but this I have been told is their biggest seller. It has cookies, white chocolate and crispy puffed rice, all mixed into delicious milk and dark chocolate...what's not to like?

3. Elemis Shaving Legends Set - £25. Skin care can be hard to buy for men, a lot of the time is can be stuff they won't really use. That is why I think shaving sets are a good way to go, I have heard lots of good things about these products and the packaging is just lovely and simple.

4. Beats Pill Speaker - £169.95. The beats speakers are a great gift for music lovers, they are wireless so can go anywhere you like and can be controlled by your phone. Also great for your home if you are short of space.

5. Yves Saint Laurent Libre - £34.65-£53.10. If I had to say my favourite men's fragrance just now this would be it, if you haven't tried it I urge you to go and give it a smell. I am not really sure how to describe the scent to you, other than gorgeous, so you would be best to try it for your self.

6. Gentlemans Hardware Wash Bag - £30. This is a matching wash bag to the shoe shine kit included in the "stocking fillers for him" guide. The whole range is lovely and really good quality, it would make a perfect gift maybe filled with some skin care.

7. Molecule-r Cuisine Gastronomy Kit - £36. This kit would make a perfect gift for any foodies you are buying for, it is so much more than just normal home cooking. 

8. Barbour International Steve McQueen Jacket - £299. If you really want to splash out on something special Barbour do some really amazing jackets. The Barbour International from the Steve McQueen Collection is one of my favourites, a perfect gift for someone who would never normally buy this kind of thing for them self.


Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Christmas Gift Guide 2013 - Gifts for Her

1. Mastrad Macaron Gift Set - £40. Macarons have to be one of my favourite snacks and if I found this under my tree I would be so happy! The kit comes with all the tools you need and a book of tasty recipes.

2. Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir Collection - £66. There are so many beautiful scents from Jo Malone it is hard to choose a favourite, but Pomegranate Noir is a classic. This stunning set comes with the cologne, a body cream and a hand and body wash and is presented in the lovely stripy Christmas packaging.

3. Marc by Marc Jacobs Henry Gloss Pop Watch - £229. I have been eyeing up Rose Gold watches for a while now but there seem to be so many that it is hard too choose. I love the fun quirky take on this one with the pop of red colour and the spots on the face.

4. Jack Wills Holybourne Lounge Pants - £39.50. I love Jack Wills lounge pants, they may be on the expensive side but they are so comfortable and are amazing quality so will last you a very long time. I think the purple and navy combination is gorgeous and I'm sure anyone would like to find these under their tree.

5. Aromatherapy Associates Festive Collection - £35. I included the little bell in my "stocking fillers for her guide" and I couldn't leave the big set out in this one. It comes with 10 beautiful little oils and it is in a Christmas tree shape!

6. Mulberry Jacquard Logo Scarf - £195. If you want to splurge on a little bit of luxury but don't want to go crazy a designer scarf is a great idea. I love this one from Mulberry, I love the design and its all cosy and warm for Winter.

7. Diptyque Pomander Candle - £40. Pomander is the most festive Diptyque candle in my opinion, and is my favourite. It smells just like Christmas with the cloves and cinnamon and would make a lovely gift for a candle addict.

8. Bobbi Brown Smokey Cool Palette - £37.50. My best friend and I have actually bought each other this palette for Christmas and I can't wait to use it! The colours are just beautiful and it comes in limited edition packaging, if you aren't a fan of the cooler tones they also have a warm palette, and that is just as pretty!

9. Origins Mask Marvels Set - £25. Who doesn't love a good face mask? This set from origins is great value for money and would make a great gift for anyone, or even just as a treat for your self. You are saving over £20 so it is a perfect way to try out some products.


Friday, 22 November 2013

Christmas Gift Guide 2013 - Stocking Fillers for Him

1. Lego Star Wars Set - £16. Lego is definitely not just for kids! These sets are such great gifts and they come in so many different options and prices you are bound to find one you like. I have found Asda to be the cheapest but if you have a good search online you could find an even better deal.

3. ClarinsMen Active Face Wash - £19. Clarins do amazing men's products, my fiance has been a fan for years and swears by them. These two come in at under £20 so would make a great gift for someone or a really lovely stocking filler.

4. Zippo Hand Warmer - £19.99. Hand warmers are a life saver in Winter, but they can some times look a little girly. This is a great option for guys, no frills or bobbles in sight, just very simple and sleek.

5. BBQ Bear Paws - £14.99. Unless you live somewhere really warm you wont be doing much on the bbq right now. But even just for meat you may cook in the house these are a lot of fun...great for pulled pork!

6. Buff & Shine Kit - £14.95. If you are buying for any guys that dress very smart for work, or even just in general this is a perfect little gift. It comes with everything you need to keep your shoes looking nice and shiny and the little bag it comes in is very stylish. 

7. Stripe Space Dye Slipper-sox - £15. I included these in my Stocking Filler For Her guide, and I really wanted to add a pair in this one too. Slippers and socks are just a great little gift in Winter...who doesn't love to have warm cosy feet?

8. Tetris cookie cutters - £5. Whether or not you are a huge retro gamer these cookie cutters and fun to use, you can even play with them after they are baked! I found them to be cheapest in Urban Outfitters, they are in the sale right now!


Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Christmas Gift Guide 2013 - Stocking Fillers for Her

For some people mid November may still be a little early for Christmas shopping -my mum for example, but for me as soon as bonfire night passes it's all Christmas. I started my Christmas gift shopping a couple of months ago and I tend to the same each year, I like getting quite a few things bought and put away leaving less to buy closer to the time. Each year I see so many great things I love and think would make amazing gifts so I thought this year I would put together a "Gift Guide", four to be exact. Starting with this one, I will be doing stocking fillers for her and him, and then gifts for her and him.

Everyone is different with how much they spend and what kind of gifts they buy. For me I would say stocking fillers are those little extra thing you buy or smaller gifts that come in around £20 and under so that is what I have included in here.

1. Estella Bartlett Silver Plated Snowflake Necklace -£16. Estella Bartlett does the most beautiful dainty jewellery and this very pretty little snowflake is such a sweet gift for someone who doesn't wear over-the-top pieces.

2. Diorific Vernis Nail Polish in Minuit -£20. I would never normally spend £20 on one single nail polish but this is kind off special. I fell in love with this shade when I was scrolling through gifts and the bottle is just amazing! Any beauty or nail fan would be thrilled to get this as a little gift.

3. Butter London Double Take Fire Duo -£19. I didn't plan on including two nail polish gifts in the guide but I couldn't resist putting this in. Butter London polishes are great quality and this set is great for Christmas. They also do it in blue which I love, but the red is very festive.

4. Totes Bow Cable Knit Fleece Lined Slipper-sox -£15. I know some people like to get really big fancy gifts for Christmas but one of my favourite things to receive are socks and slippers, these are amazing and so super soft inside!

5. Aromatherapy Associates Little Bell -£10. I haven't used Aromatherapy Associates bath oils in quite a long time because they are quite a pricey thing to buy for your self. This little bell is a perfect little stocking filler for a fan of these oils or for anyone who hasn't tried the packaging is so cute!

6. Medium Red Apple Wreath Yankee Candle -£16.99. This is my all time favourite Christmas candle and if I had to suggest one as a gift for someone this would be it. Its not too fruity or too spicy and every time I smell it it brings me right back to the Christmas season.

7. Liz Earle Limited Edition Cleanse and Polish Set -£19.75. It can be hard to buy skin care for someone if you aren't sure abut their skin care needs. Cleanse and polish is for all skin types and is very gentle so makes a lovely safe gift. This limited edition set has a larger 150ml bottle of cleanser and come in a pretty festive box.

8. Tea Pigs Spiced Winter Red Tea -£4.49. Not even Christmas would be complete without a nice warm cup of tea. As tea lover I would love to find this Christmas blend in my stocking, and it even has a snowman on the box.

9. Asos Leather Touch Screen Bow Gloves -£18. Gloves make a great gift, especially leather ones. I love my leather gloves but hate having to take them off to use my phone! These are perfect. They are so beautiful and have a soft wool lining and best off all, you can use your phone without taking them off!

I hope this has helped give you some ideas, next up will be "Stocking Fillers for Him"


Saturday, 16 November 2013

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream

For such a long time I wanted to try the Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream, it seemed to have such a huge cult like following but I am always a little wary of this. You can never be quite sure if it has gained its loyal followers from being a great product or from nothing but hype. Because I had never come across a sample I never got around to buying it, £25 is a lot of money to waste if you hate the product and unless I am sure I really want something I don't often take the chance.

Earlier this year I received a sample tube in my Glossy Box, I was beyond excited because I would finally get the chance to try out this apparent wonder product. Just in case you aren't familiar with it, it is a cream that claims it can be used all over your body to help with many different issues from minor burns to even shaping your eye brows. My first thought on opening the sample was that it isn't a cream consistency, it is more of a sticky gel type product. After squeezing some out of the tube and rubbing it on the back of my hand I was more than sure I wouldn't be using this on many parts of my skin! I have had some friends tell me that they even use it some morning as their moisturiser...that thought doesn't sit well with me at all! I kept using the sample for a few weeks up until I lost it -still don't know where!, and I did manage to start liking it enough to buy the full size.

I have found that it is the most amazing lip balm I have ever tired, and I have tried too many a few, It isn't at all as convenient as a normal lip balm with them coming in tiny twist up sticks and this being a rather large squeeze tube but on days with especially harsh weather I think its worth keeping in your bag. I can have quite dry lips if I don't use any sort of balm on them, and in the colder weather they have get quite bad, this product does a great job at keeping this at bay. Putting it on before bed also helps if you can sometimes have dry lips when you wake up. The other nice thing about using it as a lip product is that when on, it looks like a clear gloss, so it is even quite pretty on top of lipsticks for added moisture. Apart from my lips I have only used it for two other things. First I had a dry patch of skin on my ankle, this did seem to do the trick and clear it up. And the other was dabbing it on cheek bones after applying make-up for a natural shine, a tip I picked up online. With both of these, I can't say it is something I would do very often. I know it does work for some people, and it did for me too but I just can't get past the consistency. It doesn't feel nice on my skin and that is very important to me, it just feels far too thick and sticky to be comfortable. Also the fear of it clogging up pore on my face is a big concern.

So essentially what I have bought is very expensive lip balm, but I am happy with this. It is a large 50ml tube of product and if I am only using it for my lips it is going to last me a very long time and as a lip balm it does the job excellently!

What do you think of this product? Do you like it or have any ways you prefer using it?


Monday, 11 November 2013

Barry M Nail Paint: Raspberry

I can't say I have a go-to colour when it comes to my nails, you could say I am a little fickle with my polishes! In Spring and Summer I turn to the pastel shades, in the colder months I reach more for the darker colours, usually black's, grey's, navy's and deep purple. One thing you can usually count on is that the colour will change weekly, which is why I though this little bottle deserved a mention as it has been on my nails now for weeks!

I bought Barry M Raspberry Nail Paint last year and I did use it but not very often, it was put away with my polishes and forgotten about a little bit. Just over three weeks ago I took it out because I wanted something very different to the lighter colours I had been wearing, since that day I have continued to repaint my nails with it and I have done it again today! The colour is perfect for this time of year, it is a deep but slightly pinkish red which is why I think I enjoy it so much, sometimes bright true reds look harsh against my pale skin. As with all Barry M Nail Paint's I have tried, the application is lovely. The paints are beautiful and creamy and even though you could get away with one good coat, two gives you a flawless finish. I also find that if you don't have the best nails (like me!) two coats cover a good deal of imperfections such as peeling or flaking.

As for how long it lasts, I would have to give it great marks! Because mine aren't in great condition, polishes can chip more on me than someone with perfect nails. I can get three days without chipping which for me is excellent and at £2.99 per polish (usually on 3 for 2 in Boots), that is great value for money!

What colours are you loving right now?

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Currently I am...

Loving...the cold weather. The temperature seems to have dropped, not dramatically, but enough over this last week to make it really feel that Winter and Christmas are on the way!

Wishing...I had the heated furry throw that I mentioned here. I like to have blankets and throws to cuddle up in when I'm in the house and this would just be the best thing ever!

Drinking...a hot cup of tea to help with my cough. I'm not exactly sure if tea and milk help with dry coughs but the heat makes my throat feel a lot better while I'm drinking it. Because of this the number of cups-per-day I drink has gone up from maybe 2, to 4 or 5!

Hating...this bloody cough! It's not a cold, its not the flu, its just a very sore dry cough that will not go away and is leaving my throat in pain! the fireworks outside. I love fireworks but we aren't doing anything this Bonfires night because it is raining and I promised my mum I would watch her little dog while she is at work. She is terrified of the noise!

If you are off out to watch the fireworks tonight, I hope you have a god time!

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