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Monday, 9 December 2013

Photo Diary: Un-Birthday Night

{my new MAC eyeshadow -love it}

{entrance at Le Monde}

{yes that is rain on the table}

{dinner al fresco}

{wind and selfies don't mix}

Occasionally, those times when everything that can possibly go wrong in a night does, and your well planned out evening is just thrown into total chaos...well, these can end up being the best times! 

As everyone was working on Paul's birthday this year with it being midweek (booo!) we planned a little night out at the weekend for him. Nothing huge, just dinner and a show and it turned out to be such a funny night. We were late getting ready which made us late arriving at our friends, this made us late getting to Edinburgh and by the time we got there we had absolutely no chance off getting in to The Hard Rock Cafe for dinner, this is where we were planning on going when things were still running smoothly. After having no luck, we left and tried our second choice of the evening Le Monde, after a lot of begging we still couldn't get in but noticed that they still had tables outside...I will point out that it was now December! We ended up sitting outside sipping hot chocolate to keep warm and having people walk by wondering why on earth we were eating outside in the cold. We got some funny looks let me tell you! It wasn't actually that cold with it being so busy and people constantly walking by, if nothing else it has given us a very funny story! I had the macaroni -it was so good!

After very quickly finishing our meal we had to practically run to the venue for the show! We were 5 minutes late and the show had started so we had to wait to be seated. At first we thought this was a bad thing but we actually ended up with the perfect seats for unobstructed viewing. The show was Limbo and if you ever get the chance to see it I can definitely recommend it...not exactly sure how to describe it to you but it was amazing! 

All in all it was a very funny, very enjoyable night and even though everything that could go wrong did, we still all had a great time.



  1. lol I'm glad the night ended up being ok! I really love how you did your eyeshadow! It's so beautiful!

  2. Thanks Traci :) Yeh, thank goodness it wasn't a total disaster lol xx


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