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Friday, 20 December 2013

Twelve Days of Christmas - The Christmas Tag

{Day Eight}

I thought it was only right that I include a Christmas tag in this series. I read "The Christmas Tag" on Rachels blog and I thought it would be a good one do to, so here we go...

1. What's your favourite holiday film? My answer kind of copies Rachel because it is "Love Actually" and "Elf", I honestly can't choose between them. But I would like to add a third to my answer, "A Muppet's Christmas Carol". I love love love that film, no matter how old I get I will always look forward to watching it it Christmas Eve.

2. What's your favourite Christmas colour? I don't think I have one, but the colours that feel most Christmasy to me are red's, gold's, and greens. 

3. Do you open your presents on Christmas Eve or Morning? When I was younger my mum used to let my brother and I open one present each on Christmas Eve and then the rest on Christmas morning. Now I am older and no longer live with my mum we don't do that any more. Now we just open all of our gifts on Christmas morning.

4. What's your favourite Winter fragrance? I don't have one that I turn to year after year, last Christmas I loved using The Body Shops Cranberry body spray, that was lovely! This year I have been really enjoying Pomegranate Noir from Jo Malone.

5. What's your favourite Christmas smell? That would have to be our Christmas candle, Red Apple Wreath from Yankee Candle. We buy the same one each year and when ever I smell it it just takes me straight to Christmas day...even if it is mid-summer. 

6. What's your favourite holiday drink? Hot Chocolate! To be exact...Starbucks Hazelnut Signature Hot Chocolate! It has to be the signature, the other just doesn't compare. I have had so many of them in the past few weeks I have lost count!

7. Candy Canes or Gingerbread men? I never used to like either, but now I do and I would have to go with Gingerbread men. I only eat them at Christmas so they are very festive to me.

8. What's your favourite Christmas song? I have far too many to name my one favourite but, the one that gets me most excited for Christmas is "Christmas" by Micheal Buble!

9. Have you ever made a snowman? Yes, many many times! Not so much as I have got older but lots of times when I was younger. Once we even made an igloo, we were very proud.

10. What is most important to you about the holidays? What I love most about the holidays is how it make everyone that little bit happier. The most important thing to me is just being able to relax at home with friends and family, not having to worry about anything and just enjoying the day.

I tag everyone to do this! 

5 Sleeps Till Christmas!



  1. yay so glad you did the tag! :) i love buble's entire albm too - i have been playing it on repeat since december came around. and i'm also really loving the body shop cranberry scent that gets heavily promoted every christmas. to me it smell the best among all their holiday scents!

    and i really wish we had snow here in hong kong. an igloo attempt sounds amazing...! :)

    rachel x

    1. It's my favourite one...think I might have to get some more this year. Since I wrote that I have been wanting to make another igloo, if we get snow I may have to try lol. Your never too old to build snow igloos...right? lol xx

  2. Ah Ef haha. We can't go a year without watching that movie during the holidays! Mm hot chocolate has to be my favorite too. I'll have to check out their signature one...

    1. It is the one, or at least I think it lol. I know, it wouldn't be Christmas without Elf :) xx


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