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Friday, 13 December 2013

Twelve Days of Christmas - Festive To Do List

{Day One}

Firstly, let me just point out in case it hasn't quite hit you yet...there are only 12 days until Christmas!! Honestly I find that both exciting and terrifying in equal measure, where has the year gone?

I love this time of year so much, so this year again I wanted to count down until the big day with 12 days of Christmas posts. I really enjoyed doing this last year and it is such a great way of sharing the time with helping to get even more excited for the 25th! So for the next 12 days I will be uploading a post a day all relating to Christmas. I would love to know if you are doing anything similar so I can come follow along.

So to start with is my...

 Festive To Do List

1. Get organised for the Christmas hampers! While I have been extra organised with all gifts this year, I have kind of forgotten about the hampers. We have bought the baskets but that is all, we don't even know what is going in them yet (very silly).

2. Write a list for Christmas shopping, the food kind. I hate going food shopping without a list, you buy way more than you need and forget things you actually went for. So at Christmas a list is even more important!

3. Bake lots of Christmas goodies, a couple I will definitely be including here as part of the count down. Baking at this time of year is by far the best! You get to be extra naughty and make things extra decadent, plus its nice for the house to smell of sugar, cinnamon and ginger.

4. Have a Christmasy day out with out best friends. Each year we have a very very Christmasy day out...I think this time we are going to see "A White Christmas".

5.Hand out Christmas cards, I feel a little bad because I wrote them out at the beginning of last week but they are still sitting in the house...oops.

12 Sleeps Till Christmas!



  1. Such a great festive list! lol that's so true about making a list when buying food...

    1. Yeh, so dangerous to go without one! You end up with chocolate instead of food lol xx


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