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Saturday, 14 December 2013

Twelve Days of Christmas - Lush Bath Goodie Reviews

{Day Two}

Lush is a wonderful place at Christmas, it smells ten times better than it does the rest of the year and the products get so much cuter! A couple of weeks ago I was in just for a look and picked up some goodies - that I really want to go and get some more of before they are gone!

The first is Golden Wonder, I wont go into too much detail about as I wrote about it here, but it is wonderful and leaves you all shimmery. It would also make a lovely last minute stocking filler, as would they all but this one especially with it being shaped like a present.

Next is Bombardino and I have to admit -my new favourite Christmas Bath Bomb! He (yes he is a he) smells so good, just like a yummy Christmas drink or dessert. The inspiration for this sweet little thing actually comes from a drink traditionally made in the Italian Alps and they say on the Lush site that their version smells just like lemon meringue pie but I feel it is a lot more spicy than that. It actually reminds me more of a lightly spiced ginger cake or...when you catch a little of the chocolate drops, more like a gingerbread hot chocolate. That is why it is my new favourite! Also, unlike the some other bath bombs he is very moisturising, there are little lumps of cocoa butter hidden inside and they melt away into your bath water. Like nearly everything in Lush at Christmas time he has a small amount of glitter but not anyway near as much as some so if you don't want a super shimmery bath, he is a safer choice.

Star Light, Star Bright on the other hand is the most shimmery glittery thing I have ever tried in my life! It is a bath melt, so doesn't fizz away, instead slowly melts away into your water and as the outside layer of shea butter melts, your bath water starts to turn a turquoise blue colour. I warn you now, when you step out of the bath you will be covered in silver glitter, so if you don't like that then stay away from this product. But if you can get away with being covered in glitter at any time of year, it is definitely Christmas. This little star has a very citrus scent, very fresh and uplifting. The one thing that maybe puts me off a tiny bit is how much of a pain it is to clean off your bath afterwards, it takes a lot of scrubbing!

The last one I tried was Cinders, this one has has a very warm and spicy scent so very Christmasy. The child in me was very excited about this one because it has popping candy inside and on top, Lush say they added the popping candy to give you the feeling of sitting beside a crackling fire. At first I thought the popping candy was just on top but as it fizzes away you see there is more inside so the crackling lasts for quite a long time. If you like the warm Christmasy scents then this one is definitely for you, and, no glitter!

Have you picked up any of the Lush Christmas range this year, what are your favourites?

11 Sleeps Till Christmas!



  1. These all sound so fun! I want to try one of these. Hopefully I'll get to go to a LUSH while they have all their holiday goodies :D

    1. If you only get one you should try Bombardino, he smells so yummy! xx


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