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Thursday, 9 January 2014

Big Volume Hair

I have quite a full head of hair, there is a lot of it, made evident by the amount I seem to leave around the house and in the shower. But I wouldn't say it has super amounts of volume especially at the roots, I think if you have hair on the heavier side (like me) it can be hard to keep it volumised at the roots...well, I have found the answer to that problem!

I have used Batiste dry shampoo for a while now, it is the best I have tried but I had never noticed the XXL one before. With the normal dry shampoo being a great product I had high hopes for this. After straightening my hair I lifted small sections on the top of my head and sprayed a little on the roots, rubbing it with my fingers after each time. Unlike the normal dry shampoo you can definitely feel this in your hair, it isn't wet, sticky or greasy, you can just feel the product. If you can get passed the texture, it really does what it says on the tin! I was actually surprised by how much volume you can get with this product, it really does make a huge difference to your hair and, has the added advantage of making your hair look cleaner if it's one of those I-don't-want-to-wash-it days.

The same day I found the XXL spray, I found what is quite possibly a life changing product! Ok...maybe not, but it is pretty amazing. If I have styled my hair I like to set it with hair spray, most people do, but the smell isn't great...worse if you get it in your mouth. Fudge have done something wonderful about that and released a hairspray that smells like raspberry and vanilla. As soon as I spotted this product I grabbed it and tried it out as soon as I got it home, it really does smell lovely, so much better than normal hairspray. I don't normally go for super strong hold product as I think they can sometimes make your hair look a little stiff, this leaves your hair still feeling soft and looking natural. Also as it says, helps keep frizz away. The smells stay around for a short while but not that long, if I had one complaint that would be would be lovely if you kept the scent in your hair for a whole day. 

These two products make a great double act for big volume hair, they are easy to use, and do exactly what you need. I have already been back to buy more for when I run out. 



  1. Great products, I love the XXM Volume Dry Shampoo! I also pile mine with voluming mousse and backbrushing!

    Stevie | Stevie Hearts Makeup

    1. Mousse is something I have never really tried, I might give that a go next time :)

  2. These sound great! Can you believe I haven't tried dry shampoo yet? If I decide to, I may try one of these out :D

    1. Well if you do decide to give it a try I definitely recommend Batiste! It is the best I have tried, and it's cheap :)


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