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Thursday, 23 January 2014

Dreaming of Far Away Places...

I have to say...I am not the biggest fan of January! It's so far away from anything really exciting and the whole month just feels so long and well,  a little dull. This is always made worse when you are trying to not spend too much having gone overboard at Christmas time.

This has left me constantly day dreaming of somewhere far away, somewhere to escape to or just relax. We haven't been on holiday in a very long time, the way life has been for the past few years has just meant that it hasn't been possible but I think getting away would do us some good.

The problem now is that the world is such a huge place...where do you start??

I have developed somewhat of an obsession with America, I feel if I don't get to go soon that I will explode, sounds extreme but I so badly want to visit. There are so many parts of the country I want to see but I think the place to start would have to be New York, if I had to pick just one that would be it.

For somewhere to relax in the sun I have been thinking about Dubai, I'm not sure why I have been focusing more on there than anywhere else recently but I have. It was never somewhere I thought about before, but because I have been googling pictures over the past two weeks I can just imagine myself on the beach or cooling off in the water.

For a short city break I would love to see Paris, it has always looked so beautiful to me. However...everyone I have mentioned this to recently, ones who have actually been, have told me that I wouldn't like it! They have told me the people can be rude if you are a tourist and that it is no where near as beautiful as I imagine it to be. I simply cannot believe it, it looks such an amazing place to be! Have you been, do you live there? Please tell me they are wrong, not that anything they have said to me would stop me going.

There are so many other places, far too many to mention them all. Some that spring to mind are Japan, Thailand, Barcelona, Lapland (where Santa lives), Italy and so many more that I would be here all day writing them out.

Do you have any suggestions for other amazing places, where do you love to go when you go on holiday? Or more specific locations instead of just countries?

Hopefully we do get to go away some time in the not too distant future...that would be lovely!


  1. There are so many amazing places in the world to see! It would be amazing to be able to travel :D I want to go to Europe and Japan someday!

    1. It would, just to spend a year or so seeing amazing places around the world. Japan would be amazing to see! I would love to go there one day too! :)


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