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Thursday, 16 January 2014

Lusting After: Chanel Boy

Right now I am sitting with the laptop, doing some internet window shopping and sneaking spoons of Nutella (see Instagram for evidence).

I have never owned a designer handbag, its not that I have never wanted one, just that I always found a better (more sensible) use for the money. One of my favourites comes from Chanel. When ever I see or hear people talk about their Chanel bags it is more often than not the same one, the Classic Quilted Flap Bag. While this bag is lovely, and rediculously overpriced in my opinion, it is not my weakness. My obsession is the Chanel Boy Bag, in the beautiful nude colour and its gorgeous velvet material. I am in love with every detail of this bag and if I could bring myself to hand over the huge amount of money for it  -£1985!, I would.

Sadly, I don't think that will be happening any time soon, but how beautiful is it! I can see it with so many outfits, even though I'm sure if I had one, it would stay wrapped up in it's box so it would never be marked or damaged in anyway!

What do you think, are you a fan of Chanel?


  1. Oh I would love a Chanel handbag someday... the classic black quilted one with the chain straps is definitely on my lust list! This one is so beautiful :) And Nutella from the jar = yum!

    1. The black quilted ones are so beautiful, maybe someday! Straight from the jar is the best way to eat Nutella...the only problem is stopping when you start lol.

  2. Yummm nutella hehe. This bag is gorgeous! I can see why you like it. I would love to have a Chanel bag someday...


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