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Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Typography Art

{found here}

I have always enjoyed art, from learning about certain pieces or artists to spending quiet afternoons in art galleries. I would by no possible stretch of the imagination say that I am an expert in any areas but I do know if I like something when I see it.

I think art can be very intimidating at times, especially if you have no clue where to start but want some special pieces for your home. In my opinion a piece of art work doesn't have to be expensive or rare to make an impact. You just have to really love it and then it will become a special part of your home.

We are hopefully looking to buy our first home soon (sooo excited!) and even though we haven't found "the place" yet, we can't help but start looking at little things we may like.

When browsing Esty for some unusual home things we got sucked into the typography art work. I know we should all try to "be happy" and "make the most of each day" but sometimes we forget. These lovely little quotes always make me smile and I don't think it would hurt to have one or two around the house to remind you of a few things.

Even nicer are the ones you can have personalised to suit you if you have a quote or saying you use often. These are some I like.

{found here}

{found here}

{found here}

{found here}

{found here}


Thursday, 20 February 2014

Wei White Lotus Hydrating Face Treatment Pads

As you grow up, you are always told to stay away from the "bad boys" in life. Well, I have fallen for one! Not an actual boy, but a sheet mask from the brand WEI.

When I say bad, I of course mean perfect. The reason I have decide that it could be my downfall is the price. Normally I would never consider spending so much on a product that would be a regular in my skincare routine, but they really are that good!! The masks come in packs of 6 at a cost of £55, as an occasional treat I suppose that is an acceptable luxury but WEI suggest you use one a week so it would work out around £36 a month. That would really add up!

I have dehydrated skin, and without a very hydrating moisturiser I can end up with dry patches through the day. Late last year I found Hydraluron which did make a difference, but compared to the Wei masks I can see now that it did very little. The mask I had was the Wei White Lotus Hydrating Face Treatment Pad, from the replenish-yin collection of the brand -the blue ones if you want to go by colour, so the perfect one for me.

It was my first time using a sheet mask so a new experience for me, aside from the horror film appearance it gives you...they are very relaxing. The masks are individually packaged and are one use each, as you take them from the packet you can feel how saturated with product they are, I was actually I little worried I was going to tear the mask but it was fine. You apply to your clean dry face, being careful to avoid your eyes and leave it on for 10 minutes, after removing, you massage in the excess product it leaves behind for 1 minute. It is very relaxing, when you are done you just wipe of any product that is left. I then patted my face dry and applied a little of my night cream as I would every night.

That night I kept checking my face, as you do when trying a new product -is that just me? The results were quite frankly amazing! On the night of using it my skin looking so plump and smooth I was very happy, but my amazement came from the days that followed. I can't say that I have any lines or wrinkle, but when my skin is at it's "not so best" it can feel a very ruff in the more dehydrated areas, it also looks dull. For the week that followed on from me using the mask my skin looked beautiful! I was using less moisturiser as I just didn't feel that I needed it and my skin was so soft and so smooth it was unbelievable, more so because the results were lasting so long. My face also looked brighter which allowed me to use less make up.

When you take these things into account I guess it balances the price factor a little, but if you are going to splurge on one thing in life surely skin care is the way to go. What do you think?

This was my first time hearing of this brand, have you tried anything from them before? If you are interested in trying the masks you can get them here if you are in the US, and here if you are in the UK.


Monday, 17 February 2014

Sweetest Friends

Before leaving C's house on Friday night she shouted to us "oh, your surprise"! I had no idea what she was talking about until she came walking into the living room with a large cardboard box and handed it to Paul and I.

She had made a label and written on it "Happy Random Box", which I found hilarious so I carefully peeled it off so we could keep it. Her little girl had also signed it and added a few scribbles...not quite sure if you can make out her signature in the picture.

Inside the box was a collection of sweet and thoughtful items which included a super soft and cosy fluffy throw, a DVD that she knew we hadn't seen, a hand cream (Paul's favourite), and of our favourite body shop candles. And my favourite part...a huge jar of Nutella and a Nutella stretcher! I had never seen one of these before but it is a knife like thing, shaped perfectly for getting all the Nutella from the hard to reach places in the jar, no more waste! Not that there is ever any wasted Nutella -lets be honest!

This wasn't for an occasion, it was just because they wanted to. It was such a lovely thoughtful gesture I thought it should be shared. We have the sweetest friends, I hope they know how much we love them. :)


Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Valentines Plans

I am one of those people who like to celebrate each and every occasion, I always have been. I can't let a birthday or special day go by without recognition of some kind. It's really just because I like to make the most out of these days in life, and why shouldn't we celebrate turning another year older, or having spent another year with someone you love?

*via weheartit

I have been with Paul for 8 years now (it was 8 years on February 4th to be exact!) so I haven't been single for a Valentines day in quite some time, but even when I was I liked to enjoy it. While I do agree that the day itself has been hyped up beyond belief by florists and card companies I don't think this should take away from it.

So, with Valentines day being this Friday I thought I would share some of my ideas or alternatives with you. No matter what your relationship status, there is no reason you can't make the most of the day.

1. Stay Home. I love going out to eat, and I don't know about you but on Valentines day I would much rather stay in than get dressed up spend the night in an overly crowed restaurant. Stay home and cook together instead. Not something you would make nearly every night for dinner, something special. The point of this is really for you to do it together. I know that we enjoy doing this when it is something fancy or complicated that we would never normally attempt. Even if it goes horribly wrong, it usually ends up being a funny memory. And you can always call the takeaway!

2. Have Friends Round. There is no reason that Valentines day should be just for couples, why not have a dinner party? There are so many ways you can go -from very formal to drinking and dancing, but I prefer somewhere in between. A fun atmosphere with some games and food you can hep your self to, this way no-one has to feel like a 5th wheel if everyone else is paired up. Make your own pizzas or pancakes are two of my favourites. Ice-cream sundays are good too, but I'm not the biggest fan of ice-cream.

3. Pamper Nights. If you are sick of the whole idea of Valentines day then why not just treat your self to a night of pampering! Light some candles, have a bath, watch some of your favourite movies, use your favourite face mask or whatever you enjoy. Just think of it as a excuse to give yourself a relaxing night in.

4. Take a Class. If you want to go out but don't want to do the normal dinner and a movie thing why not take a class somewhere. There are so many you could choose from so the best thing to do would be to find out what is available in your area and go on what you would find interesting. It is completely different from just going to dinner and you get to learn something new, plus you get to do with your partner or friend, who ever you go with.

We will be doing number 1 this year. We are staying in and making something to eat and maybe watching a film or two. What will you be doing this Friday?? Hope you have a great Valentines Day, what ever you get up to!


Friday, 7 February 2014

Narsissist Cheek Palette

It's fair to say I was more than just a little excited when this came to my door yesterday, especially as I pre-ordered it and was told it wasn't available until the 17th of this month. You have to love a surprise like that!

I'm still pretty new to Nars as a brand, I only own three other products from them, but two things I'd wanted to try for such a long time now were Orgasm blush and Laguna bronzer. I have always loved the colour of the blush and being quite pale I have always stayed away from bronzers but every time I have tested Laguna on me it seemed ok, not orange or too dark.

This gorgeous little, and I mean little -so much smaller than I thought it was! palette contains both of these products and a limited edition highlighter. It also comes with a really lovely soft brush that is good to use with all three products

Orgasm (the blush) is a perfect peachy/coral/pink with gold glitter through it, the glitter is quite apparent in the palette but I was surprised how subtle it comes off off on your cheeks...I did expect to see it more than you do.

Laguna (the bronzer) is a perfect "I've been in the sun" bronze, it isn't muddy or orange and most doesn't make me look ridiculous. It can be very subtle or you can built it to a darker shade if you prefer. I now wish I hadn't waited so long to get this. The very fine gold shimmer through it is a nice touch too.

Devotee (the highlight) is just beautiful! It is a gorgeous product and is the main reason I am so happy I got this. The light kind of washes it out in the pictures but it is a very pale pink highlighter that just gives a lovely glow to the cheeks. For me it is the perfect shade, I sometimes don't get along with gold tone highlights, I much prefer cooler pinky tones and I am in love with this. It is limited edition with this palette and as far as I know you can't buy it alone.

I got mine from Space NK but if you are in the US you can also get it from Sephora. The palette is £35 or $49 and while it is small you are getting three great products, also the brush that comes with it is perfect travel size!


Monday, 3 February 2014

Building a Cardboard Castle...

For the past two weeks I haven't really had any spare time to write, not even read blog posts (I have missed them). The reason for this is because I have been, as the title suggests, building a cardboard castle. Even though it sounds like some complicated metaphor for something else, it's not, it is exactly what I have been doing.

The reason for this crazy project was for my little Niece's birthday. She is turning 4 tomorrow (the 4th) and when we were talking about planning her party her mum knew she wanted a Princess and Knight theme. So we sat and chatted for a while about what we can do and out my mouth comes "we should build a castle"! -yes Shelley, lets build a castle, because of course we have time for that.

Anyway, being the crafty little person I am I assured C that we could easily do this out of cardboard boxes and paint. We began with measuring the space the castle would go, the party was in a hall so it could have been any size we liked so of course we choose to go big -over 13 foot long!

It took us just over a week to finish the castle and the dragon, oh yes- we added a dragon. You can't have pin the tail on the donkey at a Princess and Knight themed party can you...that would be ridiculous. Every evening from around 4 - 9 we were cutting up cardboard and painting and then a whole day on Friday.

The rest of last week was spent baking, I made cupcakes, mini cupcakes, jammy dodgers and cakepops for everyone. I sadly don't have any pictures of these, there was no time to stop and think.

The reason for this rambling post was to explain my lack of reading and commenting, building castles, even cardboard ones, can take up all your time! And I also wanted to it show off a little, I am so proud of what we managed to do from old boxes so thought there was no harm in sharing.

Hope you like it, also sorry for the overload of pictures!

We lived on tea and biscuits kindly provided by C's mum and dad, along with the occasional sandwich or bacon roll. You know, typical castle building food!

And here are the finished products! I didn't get a good picture of the dragon at the party and he doesn't look as tall as he really is in the picture, I am 5"6 and he is just shorter than me.

And you can't really tell from the picture above but we made the doors so they actually opened!

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