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Monday, 3 February 2014

Building a Cardboard Castle...

For the past two weeks I haven't really had any spare time to write, not even read blog posts (I have missed them). The reason for this is because I have been, as the title suggests, building a cardboard castle. Even though it sounds like some complicated metaphor for something else, it's not, it is exactly what I have been doing.

The reason for this crazy project was for my little Niece's birthday. She is turning 4 tomorrow (the 4th) and when we were talking about planning her party her mum knew she wanted a Princess and Knight theme. So we sat and chatted for a while about what we can do and out my mouth comes "we should build a castle"! -yes Shelley, lets build a castle, because of course we have time for that.

Anyway, being the crafty little person I am I assured C that we could easily do this out of cardboard boxes and paint. We began with measuring the space the castle would go, the party was in a hall so it could have been any size we liked so of course we choose to go big -over 13 foot long!

It took us just over a week to finish the castle and the dragon, oh yes- we added a dragon. You can't have pin the tail on the donkey at a Princess and Knight themed party can you...that would be ridiculous. Every evening from around 4 - 9 we were cutting up cardboard and painting and then a whole day on Friday.

The rest of last week was spent baking, I made cupcakes, mini cupcakes, jammy dodgers and cakepops for everyone. I sadly don't have any pictures of these, there was no time to stop and think.

The reason for this rambling post was to explain my lack of reading and commenting, building castles, even cardboard ones, can take up all your time! And I also wanted to it show off a little, I am so proud of what we managed to do from old boxes so thought there was no harm in sharing.

Hope you like it, also sorry for the overload of pictures!

We lived on tea and biscuits kindly provided by C's mum and dad, along with the occasional sandwich or bacon roll. You know, typical castle building food!

And here are the finished products! I didn't get a good picture of the dragon at the party and he doesn't look as tall as he really is in the picture, I am 5"6 and he is just shorter than me.

And you can't really tell from the picture above but we made the doors so they actually opened!



  1. making a castle from scratch... you're amazing!!! such a sweet project to do for your niece :) best aunt ever!

    rachel x

  2. This is amazing! I bet your niece loved it, and I'm glad you blogged it for us to see too!

    1. Thanks Ellie! She really did, so it was worth all the time we spent painting :) x

  3. It looks like your time was well spent! The castle and dragon turned out amazing!!


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