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Friday, 7 February 2014

Narsissist Cheek Palette

It's fair to say I was more than just a little excited when this came to my door yesterday, especially as I pre-ordered it and was told it wasn't available until the 17th of this month. You have to love a surprise like that!

I'm still pretty new to Nars as a brand, I only own three other products from them, but two things I'd wanted to try for such a long time now were Orgasm blush and Laguna bronzer. I have always loved the colour of the blush and being quite pale I have always stayed away from bronzers but every time I have tested Laguna on me it seemed ok, not orange or too dark.

This gorgeous little, and I mean little -so much smaller than I thought it was! palette contains both of these products and a limited edition highlighter. It also comes with a really lovely soft brush that is good to use with all three products

Orgasm (the blush) is a perfect peachy/coral/pink with gold glitter through it, the glitter is quite apparent in the palette but I was surprised how subtle it comes off off on your cheeks...I did expect to see it more than you do.

Laguna (the bronzer) is a perfect "I've been in the sun" bronze, it isn't muddy or orange and most doesn't make me look ridiculous. It can be very subtle or you can built it to a darker shade if you prefer. I now wish I hadn't waited so long to get this. The very fine gold shimmer through it is a nice touch too.

Devotee (the highlight) is just beautiful! It is a gorgeous product and is the main reason I am so happy I got this. The light kind of washes it out in the pictures but it is a very pale pink highlighter that just gives a lovely glow to the cheeks. For me it is the perfect shade, I sometimes don't get along with gold tone highlights, I much prefer cooler pinky tones and I am in love with this. It is limited edition with this palette and as far as I know you can't buy it alone.

I got mine from Space NK but if you are in the US you can also get it from Sephora. The palette is £35 or $49 and while it is small you are getting three great products, also the brush that comes with it is perfect travel size!



  1. omg this palette looks like a great go-to! Beautiful!

    1. It really is a great go-to product, perfect handbag or travel size too :) xx

  2. I bought this & it arrived saturday & i was suprised how small it was, looked bigger online. But i love orgasm & laguna wouldnt be without handy for travel or on the go. I love the highlight i already have albatross so glad it was a different highlight. The brush is lovely, i think ill be onto buying a few NARS brushes now. Kirsty x

    1. I was actually very shocked at the size! I really was expecting it to be bigger, but then again it is just the perfect size to fit into a small make up bag or for travel. Thank you for your comment :)



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