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Monday, 17 February 2014

Sweetest Friends

Before leaving C's house on Friday night she shouted to us "oh, your surprise"! I had no idea what she was talking about until she came walking into the living room with a large cardboard box and handed it to Paul and I.

She had made a label and written on it "Happy Random Box", which I found hilarious so I carefully peeled it off so we could keep it. Her little girl had also signed it and added a few scribbles...not quite sure if you can make out her signature in the picture.

Inside the box was a collection of sweet and thoughtful items which included a super soft and cosy fluffy throw, a DVD that she knew we hadn't seen, a hand cream (Paul's favourite), and of our favourite body shop candles. And my favourite part...a huge jar of Nutella and a Nutella stretcher! I had never seen one of these before but it is a knife like thing, shaped perfectly for getting all the Nutella from the hard to reach places in the jar, no more waste! Not that there is ever any wasted Nutella -lets be honest!

This wasn't for an occasion, it was just because they wanted to. It was such a lovely thoughtful gesture I thought it should be shared. We have the sweetest friends, I hope they know how much we love them. :)



  1. Aw that's awesome! Wow I didn't know Nutella had one of those! So cool!

    1. It really was so sweet of them. I didn't either, I was so excited hehe xx


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