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Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Typography Art

{found here}

I have always enjoyed art, from learning about certain pieces or artists to spending quiet afternoons in art galleries. I would by no possible stretch of the imagination say that I am an expert in any areas but I do know if I like something when I see it.

I think art can be very intimidating at times, especially if you have no clue where to start but want some special pieces for your home. In my opinion a piece of art work doesn't have to be expensive or rare to make an impact. You just have to really love it and then it will become a special part of your home.

We are hopefully looking to buy our first home soon (sooo excited!) and even though we haven't found "the place" yet, we can't help but start looking at little things we may like.

When browsing Esty for some unusual home things we got sucked into the typography art work. I know we should all try to "be happy" and "make the most of each day" but sometimes we forget. These lovely little quotes always make me smile and I don't think it would hurt to have one or two around the house to remind you of a few things.

Even nicer are the ones you can have personalised to suit you if you have a quote or saying you use often. These are some I like.

{found here}

{found here}

{found here}

{found here}

{found here}



  1. Aww I love the last one! Typography art is always fun to look at!

    1. Some can be really sweet too, especially the ones you can personalize :) xx


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