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Thursday, 20 February 2014

Wei White Lotus Hydrating Face Treatment Pads

As you grow up, you are always told to stay away from the "bad boys" in life. Well, I have fallen for one! Not an actual boy, but a sheet mask from the brand WEI.

When I say bad, I of course mean perfect. The reason I have decide that it could be my downfall is the price. Normally I would never consider spending so much on a product that would be a regular in my skincare routine, but they really are that good!! The masks come in packs of 6 at a cost of £55, as an occasional treat I suppose that is an acceptable luxury but WEI suggest you use one a week so it would work out around £36 a month. That would really add up!

I have dehydrated skin, and without a very hydrating moisturiser I can end up with dry patches through the day. Late last year I found Hydraluron which did make a difference, but compared to the Wei masks I can see now that it did very little. The mask I had was the Wei White Lotus Hydrating Face Treatment Pad, from the replenish-yin collection of the brand -the blue ones if you want to go by colour, so the perfect one for me.

It was my first time using a sheet mask so a new experience for me, aside from the horror film appearance it gives you...they are very relaxing. The masks are individually packaged and are one use each, as you take them from the packet you can feel how saturated with product they are, I was actually I little worried I was going to tear the mask but it was fine. You apply to your clean dry face, being careful to avoid your eyes and leave it on for 10 minutes, after removing, you massage in the excess product it leaves behind for 1 minute. It is very relaxing, when you are done you just wipe of any product that is left. I then patted my face dry and applied a little of my night cream as I would every night.

That night I kept checking my face, as you do when trying a new product -is that just me? The results were quite frankly amazing! On the night of using it my skin looking so plump and smooth I was very happy, but my amazement came from the days that followed. I can't say that I have any lines or wrinkle, but when my skin is at it's "not so best" it can feel a very ruff in the more dehydrated areas, it also looks dull. For the week that followed on from me using the mask my skin looked beautiful! I was using less moisturiser as I just didn't feel that I needed it and my skin was so soft and so smooth it was unbelievable, more so because the results were lasting so long. My face also looked brighter which allowed me to use less make up.

When you take these things into account I guess it balances the price factor a little, but if you are going to splurge on one thing in life surely skin care is the way to go. What do you think?

This was my first time hearing of this brand, have you tried anything from them before? If you are interested in trying the masks you can get them here if you are in the US, and here if you are in the UK.



  1. Wow this seems like a wonderful treat for your face! It's pricey, but seems worth it for times you need it :D

    1. Yeh it is pricey but they really do wonders for your skin, I think I will have to give in lol xx

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