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Thursday, 10 April 2014

Humans Of New York by Brandon Stanton

If you are unfamiliar with Humans of New York or HONY for short, it was started by Brandon Stanton in 2010 with the goal of capturing the colourful interesting characters of New York city. He began asking questions and taking quotes from the people he was photographing to add along side the pictures, it has grown to have a huge online following and has now been made into a wonderful book. You can read more about it here.

I found HONY through browsing the popular page on Instagram, from the first picture I found I was hooked. It was of two friends sitting on a bench in a park, the quote with it was just so touching and heart warming to read, that I then spent the rest of the night with a cup of tea and that Instagram account (here). I love the idea behind the whole project, and how you can sort of, in a way, meet so many different people...or at least that is how I feel when I am reading the stories from each of them.

When it was announced that it was to be released in book form I knew I had to get a copy, I was so pleased when I opened it on Christmas morning. If you think it is your type of thing then I urge you to check out the Instagram page, I promise if you are anything like me then you will be there for a while, or, can get the book online here if you prefer.


  1. Aw this is awesome! The book cover itself looks amazing! I could definitely see myself getting lost in the beautiful pictures :D

    1. You really can, there are so many interesting people...its nice to get the opportunity to get to read a little about them :) x


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