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Wednesday, 28 May 2014

A 'Wicked Night Out

Yesterday was a hugely exciting day! I know it has been around for years but I have never had the chance to see it...until now...ready for it? I finally got to see Wicked! I had been waiting for it since booking the tickets last October, I think its fair to say that I could hardly contain my excitement - leaving everyone around me a little sick of hearing about it.

The tickets we booked were for the show in Glasgow, which is maybe just over an hours drive for us...normally we would go to Edinburgh for a show but Wicked won't be there until the end of this year and I could not wait! Because we were going that bit further we thought we should make a day of it, and I had planned to document the entire thing but apparently, the excitement made me a very bad blogger and I took hardly any pictures. I couldn't really take many at the show as photography was not allowed during the performance but I did get a few snaps of dinner so I thought I would share them with you.

We ended up at Jamie's Italian, if you have never been I highly recommend it. Having booked quite an early dinner, 5pm, we nearly had the whole place to ourselves. The staff were very friendly and happy to help with or explain anything you would like.

Every time we visit, I say I am going to get something else to start -I never do. So once again I had the Arancini, well we both did actually. It was very good! I think I could eat a whole bowl of them if given the chance.

For main I had Gnudi, to be honest I had never heard of it before but it was very tasty. Gnudi is ricotta dumplings and it was served with sage, lemon and parmesan butter -yum yum! Paul had what he has each and every time we go, The Jamie's Italian Burger. His verdict on it was excellent as always.

I was way too full for dessert but Paul ordered The Epic Brownie...with two spoons because he is sweet like that. I did try it but only one mouthful because I was very full! Not pictured was the bread plate we also had, the main cause of the fullness. The brownie was delicious and came with salted caramel ice-cream and amaretto popcorn.

After dinner we had a long but casual walk to the The Kings Theatre, me becoming more and more excited with each step. While as I said, we could take picture of the show I did get a couple of the stage before it started.

How amazing is he! He moved during the show.

And just in case you get lost, a map on how to get back to the Emerald City. 

I won't say much about the show in case any of you are off to see it some time soon, but I will tell you that you will not be is just amazing! Everything about it from the cast to the props were just perfect and I cannot find a bad word to say about it.

Have you seen this show, what did you think?


Tuesday, 20 May 2014

My Most Used Make Up Brushes

I came to make up quite late, most of my friends in high school were wearing the works but me...well I just couldn't be bothered. I liked make up, but I didn't want to spend my mornings before having to walk to school applying a full face of it. I would occasionally wear some eye liner or mascara but on a daily basis not much more than that.

Over time I have fallen more and more in love with it and I would say I have become quite good at applying it too, I am no make up artist but it is all about playing around and practising until you get better. It wasn't until my late teens/early twenties that I started using brushes to apply products, before then it was all done with my fingers. While I still do that, I have a small group of brushes that have become my favourite and most used of all my brushes over time, so I wanted to share them with you.

Foundation - Real Techniques Buffing Brush

It will depend on the foundation I am using but most of them, I like to apply with this brush. It does the job well and really helps to buff product right into you skin so it looks as natural as possible.

Highlight/Blush/Contour - Real Techniques Contour Brush

I'm sure I should probably use different brushes for each of the above but this one is just so perfect for them all. It is a really great size to apply a small amount of highlight to specific areas, to add blush beautifully on the apples of your cheeks and for small amounts of contour if I feel like doing it...which isn't every day. The tapered shape of the brush just gives the best soft finish and if I have to do my make up on the go, I only need one brush.

Concealer - Real Techniques Deluxe Crease Brush

I apply concealer two ways - 1. if it is a thick creamy concealer, such as Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer , I will use my fingers. I think it helps to warm up the product a little. 2. if it is a wetter consistency I use this brush and it is perfect. It is just the right size can work in the concealer to any areas you want. I like to think of it as my tiny Buffing Brush. It is a good one for keeping in your make up bag too, if you need to reapply or you have a little flaking from your mascara you can touch it up with this. It is much more hygienic than using your fingers if you have been out for a while.

Eyeshadow - MAC 217 & Real Techniques Base Shadow Brush

These two brushes are pretty much all I use for shadow, I find that I can do so much with both of them. They are both great for applying product to your lids and also for blending it out for a smokey effect. I also like them for adding a little under my eye.

Eye Liner/Eyebrows  - Very Old Bourjois brush

I am not exactly sure where this brush came from because I haven't seen Bourjois brushes in a long time. I have had this for so long and I use it almost every day, this little thing is the reason I have never felt the need to buy another angled brush. I used to only wear pencil and liquid liners but one day I started using eye shadow instead and that is what I usually go for now. I much prefer the not so perfect look of shadow, compared to the perfect line of a liquid liner. So this brush is what I use to do this, because it is also quite dense it is also great to smudge out the shadow too. I find it is also perfect for my eyebrows, another multi use brush for on the go. I have always been an eyeshadow fan when it comes to brow products and I just find this brush applies it very nicely. It is small enough to give a natural finish and can add tiny hair details.

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

The Little White Dress: Kate Moss at Topshop

We all know that the little black dress is a wardrobe staple. It can be thrown on last minute for so many occasions and you instantly look classic and elegant without having to try very hard at all. Well, I have been looking for the white summer time equivalent of that for a while now and when the Kate Moss for Topshop range was announced and I seen this beautiful creation I knew I had found it.

It is such a versatile piece and I think my favourite item from the whole collection. Yes there are some amazing bits and some much more eye catching things (like the silver gown) but this is just perfect and I think I can say... I am in love! The dress its self is simply stunning, it is so beautifully made and of much nicer quality than the standard Topshop line, which to be honest I would expect.

When on, it is one of the most figure flattering things I own, the V-neck and the way it is cut to come in at your waist gives you that little bit more shape. The skirt has been finished very well, with net in between the layers to give a very pretty and very girly shape, it doesn't sick out too far, just enough to give you that "princess dress" feel.

The reason it has taken me so long to find "the dress", is because I wanted to be able to wear it in a lot of different ways and this one definitely fits the bill. In Summer, it will look good with anything from flip flops to stilettos heels and on colder days with denim shirts or comfy cardigans. I would really like to start putting some outfit posts up on here, it is something I have wanted to do for a while now. So if I can get over my fear of that I will show you some of the ways I will be styling it in the warmer weather. I also think this dress would look very sweet with black tights and boots when the weather starts to cool down again, and with my leather jacket on top...well, I can see it fast becoming one of my favourite things. Do you have a perfect Summer dress? What did you think of the Kate Moss collection?


Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Dainty Jewellery

Lately I have been really enjoying dainty jewellery, rings mainly, and stacking a few up at once. I am guilty of being a little lazy with my accessories, I have one or two necklaces that I tend to put on each morning without really thinking about it, and along with my engagement ring that is it!

This is something I am trying to change! Since the start of Spring I have been playing with these 5 little rings on my fingers. They have been picked up from a few different places and none of them are what you could call "proper" jewellery, they are all costume and very inexpensive

From left to right: Flower, Gem and Skull all Topshop, Opal ring from Dorothy Perkins, very worn rose gold tone ring was found by my mum.

As much as I love this little collection, I hate what happens to costume jewellery when you wear it too often. It goes some funny colours and leaves your fingers green...but then how much can you really ask when they cost as little as £2? In an effort to do more with my accessories on a day to day basis I plan to start investing in some simple dainty bits. And I suppose if I use the rule you should use when buying clothes, to go for quality over quantity then I should end up with some lovely pieces that should last me a long time if looked after well. Admittedly I don't always follow that rule but it is the goal!

Are you a fan of dainty jewellery or do you favour big statement pieces?


Friday, 2 May 2014

Early-Harvest Raspberry Range: The Body Shop

If raspberry is an option when it comes to anything with a taste or smell, you can pretty much guarantee that is what I will go for. So, I feel the need to confess my true and unwavering love for The Body Shops range of Raspberry products.

The Early-Harvest Raspberry range isn't new, it has made the rounds a few times before, but it very quickly sells out and then it is gone again. If you are lucky you can find it in some stores when they have sales on, and a tip for you all...! A lovely member of staff once told me that they keep some of the limited editions, such as the raspberry to bring back just for a sale, and that you should always ask if they have any in the back...just in case. So that's when I stock up!

Before last month I had only ever tried the body butter from the range, it is my all time favourite and I try to always make sure I have some hidden away for emergence's. When I found out that they were bringing back the body scrub, well, lets say squeals of joy could be heard. I knew I would love it, I looks and smells just like jam!

As soon as it was possible I picked up a scrub, a body butter and a couple of shower gels. I was so looking forward to the Eau De Toilette but it came off a little too artificial for me, and the body lotion is just as nice smelling as the rest of the range, I just prefer the butters. I will be back for more to stock up again before it is gone...especially for more of that scrub. If you haven't tried it, it really is lovely. It is abrasive without being harsh and leaves your skin feeling beautifully soft.

I love using all 3 products together to layer up the scent so it lasts longer throughout the day.

Have you tried anything from this range? What did you think of the Eau De toilette?
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