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Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Updates and Exciting News!

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For something like 5 days now I have tried to write this post, and for however many days it has been, I have failed. I have literally ran out of time each day. Life lately has been extremely hectic, so much so that my plan to sit at some point and tell you all about what has been going on has just had to be put aside until another day. But I am here now! I just apologise for it taking so long.

First of all, my huge exciting news, well...huge for us anyway. Paul and I have bought a house! We fell in love with it when we first viewed it what seems like forever ago, it was the end of March and I can't honestly believe the wait is very nearly over. We move in on Friday, this Friday! There has honestly been so much to do, I had no idea how much was involved, naive I know. But I also had know idea of how much stuff we own...until it came time to pack it all up in boxes. The past two weeks have involved, work, packing, organising and any other little things we have to do for ourselves or others, it really has left little time for much else.

The other reason I really wanted to get this post up was to point out that with moving house, comes the dreaded waiting for Internet to be installed! Luckily we have already organised this but we will still be without it for 4 or 5 day, thankfully not anywhere near as bad as two weeks! I will of course be trying my best to snap some pictures along the way to share it with you, I am honestly so excited! We just can't wait to be in! If any of you have any advice that would be much appreciated, for moving or for your first few weeks in a new home.

This year so far has been well, lets say unorganised. Our living situation hasn't been ideal and this has sometimes made it hard to keep consistent with blogging. And I know it's the reason this blog is just not how I want it to be. I want it to have a lot more fashion and baking, two things I love in my life and want to share here with you, I would also like to include much more lifestyle posts. I feel badly about this as while it may not be the biggest blog in the blogosphere, I love it, and I love you all who read and comment. I feel very disconnected when I am away for too long and can't catch up with your blogs or write something myself.

As our living situation is very nearly about to change, I am excited to say that things round here should become a lot more organised and there will definitely be a lot more consistency!

I also have some posts planned that I am very excited to share, including some that I am hoping to make into regular series here. There should also, hopefully, be a new look to this little page which I am also looking forward to. Which I also hope you like as much as me.

It is also my birthday soon (25th June) and this year, with us moving in to our first proper home it just seems so much more special. I will be sharing the day here too, even thought I'm not exactly sure of the plans yet.

I am thinking of this as a whole new start, for us, our life and this blog. I hope you will enjoy what is coming up. So this will be my last post until we are in our new home (and until we have Internet). Once everything is all packed up and I have even just 10 minutes to myself I will enjoy sitting with a cup of tea and reading up on all the posts I have been missing out on. I will still more than likely be around on Instagram so if you would like to follow me there please come and say hi :)

Speak to you soon everyone, lots of love x
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