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Wednesday, 2 July 2014

New Home

The last couple of weeks have been crazy, so busy with so much to do but so much fun at the same time! If you didn't know, we have moved into our new house! Even though we have lived together for quite a few years now, this is our first house (with a garden! so exciting hehe) that is just ours and we love it! For the first four or five days after moving in the house was full of friends and family, helping out with cleaning inside, tidying the garden, measuring, planning, building furniture and of course, making tea! With the occasional trips to the bakery and local shops to grab food and long life milk. The reason for the long life milk?..we had no fridge freezer! We do now, don't worry. That was obviously one of the first things we made sure to order.

We have now settled in and have both had just over a week off work to really enjoy our new space, we also had no Internet for part of that time so it was nice to spend quiet evenings in without the Internet as a distraction...I think we all forget to do that from time to time. It was also my birthday last Wednesday and it was just amazing to be able to have lots of our friends and family up in the morning for coffee and birthday cake, the new house made it seem all that more special. 

While we still have some piles of clothes and bits and bobs that have no place yet, it really does feel like home and we are so happy to be here. It has seemed like such a long time from the day we first came to view the house but it has been worth the wait. 

Things for us before, were quite hectic all the time, mostly to do with our living arrangement but now things seem much more calm and we have lots of our own space. Normal blogging can now resume and I have lots of new posts and little series planned that I hope you will enjoy :) Because it is still a little crazy in here, I can't get very good pictures of inside but I am sure I will include any decorating we do on the blog, I honestly cannot wait to make this place our own. So I thought I would leave you with a couple of snaps of our garden. The garden is one of our favourite things about the property and excitingly, it has and apple and a pear tree, and a gooseberry bush. So much baking will be done with them!


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